Fantasy Baseball 2012: Who’s Hot?

During each fantasy baseball season, you are faced with tough decisions on what to do with your roster. Who is playing better then you expected and who is playing worse then you expected. Are the underperforming players worth sticking with, or do you cut ties and pick up a free agent, or try and make a trade to help where you are lacking? It is about that time of year where you will have to make these tough decisions to shape your team for the rest of year. If your team is struggling and you have decided to give up on those that you drafted, who are the players that can help out?

Players that just started to get hot and maybe available as a free agent:

Trevor Plouffe a hot pick up

Will Trevor Plouffe be doing a home run trot for your team?

Trevor Plouffe, 3B Min: This guy has come out of nowhere really to claim his spot as a regular at 3B for the Twins, whose offense has started to put up runs in contrast of how the team started. He has 9 HRs and 15 RBIs in that last 15 days alone. What is even more astounding is that in many leagues he is not only eligible at 3B, but he has SS, and OF eligibility, making him even more attractive and easier to plug into your line up. You have my permission to stop reading this article, open up another window on your web browser, and pick this guy up immediately if available, and then come back to this article. That is how hot this guy is. He is a good pick up for seasonal fantasy baseball as well as daily fantasy baseball. I think he can continue to give you some power and flexibility throughout the year, but you should expect some regression from his current outburst. After all, he is not even batting .250 for the year and not known for a high average.

Brandon Moss, 1B, OF Oak: Brandon has just recently won the job as the everyday 1B for the Athletics. The A’s have been looking for an everyday first baseman for some time now and they may have found one. After all, one of the most important things in picking fantasy players is their playing time. He has hit 6 HRs and batted nearly .300 in the past couple weeks which is helping him lock down consistent playing time. He does still strike out a ton and his average will probably not be very good, but he could be well on his way to being a good run producer the rest of the season.

Tony Campana, OF, ChC: This speedster has not really been scorching hot as of late, but I think could be a speculative add that could pay off in the end. Campana’s biggest problem is the aforementioned playing time. He usually plays strictly against right handed pitching. If you play in daily fantasy baseball, or even weekly fantasy baseball leagues and find out the Cubs will be mostly facing right handed pitchers, he can be a decent play if you need steals. Even when he does not start, he can pinch hit or even pinch run late in games and get stolen bases. With the Cubs having a terrible year, they are probably going to be big sellers at the trade deadline and Campana can probably benefit from that if outfielders are traded. He can be a great player to stash on your bench if you have a spot available in season fantasy baseball. He has 7 SBs in the past 2 weeks with inconsistent playing team. He cannot save your team right now, but he might help it out and could pay off later.

Neil Walker, 2B, Pit; You may not find Walker on the free agent list, but some owners may have grown tired of him not hitting like they had hoped. He had a rough start to the season, but has turned it on lately. In the past couple of weeks he has batter better then .300, a couple home runs and even 5 stolen bases. He has shown consistency in the past and if Pedro Alvarez as well some others start to hit, it will provide protection for Walker and give him better pitches to hit. You may be able to get him cheaply in a trade and I think it could pay off in the end to get some power and speed from a middle infielder.

Hopefully, some of these guys can make a difference for your team and lead you to a fantasy championship. Always be on the lookout to improve your team, even if you are leading. You just never know when the next big player will turn the league on its ear.

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