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2011 Fantasy Baseball: Can Ichiro Save His Batting Average?

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Can Ichiro save his 2011 regular season batting average?

Ichiro Suzuki has been well-known throughout his entire MLB career as an excellent base-hitter.  Mr. Ichiro Suzuki sports a career .329 average and in 10 major league seasons, has never finished a single-season batting below .303, while playing pretty much every day.  In 2009, Ichiro played in 146 single-season games, which is his career-low in terms of total games played in a single-season.  146 games is still a lot of games to play in.  He has played in at least 157 games out of a 162-game season in all other 9 years of his career aside from 2009.  He has played in all 162 games in a season three times in his career and 161 games, also three times in his 10-year career.  (more…)

2011 Fantasy Baseball: Triple Crown Threat(s)

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Is he calling it? The triple crown?

This year in the 2011 fantasy baseball season, it has been really tough to pick out more than just one plausible triple crown candidate.  In the Fantasy baseball world, a triple crown player is of the utmost value to a manager trying to make a push for the fantasy baseball title.  A player that leads the league in average, RBI and home runs, is a player that can lead your team to the playoffs and finals by himself, or at least play a huge role in doing so!  In this list of triple crown threat(s), honorable mentions after Jose Bautista and Jay Bruce will be of no shortage. (more…)