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All-Star Balloting: Berkman Finds the Top Spot in the NL as the Season Wears On

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman has had an impressive season.

As the MLB season continues into summer, pitchers and hitters are beginning to find their groove. While some have shown that they would not live up to their April projections, others are vying for the top spot as they step up. May is wrapping up, and time will tell what June, and the rest of the summer, has in store for the best hitters in the National League. These are the power rankings of the best bats in the National League as of May 29.

1) Lance Berkman – STL (Last Week: 5)

One of the few stars in the National League that has not hit the brakes in May, Berkman did not have as productive a month as he did in April, but still hit a respectable .293, putting his overall average to .354. (more…)

All-Star Balloting: Joey Votto Surviving May As Many of the Best Bats Falter in the NL Power Rankings

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
Joey Votto

Joey Votto has had a productive May.

May has not been kind to the players that have frequented the top of these charts over the past few weeks. No one in the top 6 on this list has hit above .300 this month, which is not good news for fantasy baseball owners. However, some have fallen harder than others. Good players can hit a hot streak and put up impressive numbers. It takes the best players to drive through their slump and continue to produce for their team. This is a list of the best bats in the National League as of May 22.

1) Joey Votto – CIN (Last Week: 6)

The MVP is playing well for the Cincinnati Reds. While his numbers are not as good as they were in the first month of the season, he has endured and still played a solid month of May, unlike many of the National League’s hottest hitters. (more…)

NL All Star Balloting: Holliday Takes Over Teammate Berkman in NL Power Rankings

Monday, May 16th, 2011
Matt Holliday #1 NL Power Rankings

Matt Holliday takes over Berkman as #1 in NL Power Rankings.

A quarter of way through the MLB season, and some of the National League’s best are proving that they have the most productive bats in the league, while others were sad to see April go. The NL Central hosts a bevy of MVP candidates, while NL East stars are beginning to battle for the division crown early on in the season, and a few stars out west are refusing to quiet down. This is a list of the best hitters in Fantasy Baseball for the National League as of May 15th.

1) Matt Holliday – STL (Last Week: 2)
Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals just keeps on hitting. In his 34 games played this season, Holliday has managed multiple hits 16 times. (more…)

All-Star Balloting: Berkman’s Bat Leads the Way in National League Power Rankings

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Lance Berkman's surprising start has him atop the NL Power Rankings

The Brewers have fallen off and the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the hottest teams in the National League. Led by two superb bats that do not belong to Albert Pujols, the Cards have one of the scariest lineups in the game. But the Cardinal bats are not the only ones showing what they can do. There are a few established superstars continuing their good work, as well as some surprises taking fantasy baseball by storm. This is a list of the hottest bats in the National League as of May 9th.

1) Lance Berkman – STL (Last Week: 2)
Berkman has been the surprise of the 2011 season. Hitting an incredible .374 into the month of April, the 25-year old leads the Majors with 32 runs batted in, and ranks among the top sluggers with 10 home runs early on. (more…)

2011 Fantasy Baseball: Top 15 Outfielders

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Look for Carlos Gonzalez to have a monster 2011.

Preseason fantasy baseball position rankings continue here at FBS. We have already listed fantasy baseball catchers, and second basemen, so now it’s on to the outfielders. Such a deep position calls for a top-15 list. Here are my early pre-spring training rankings for the OF position.