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2011 Fantasy Baseball: Can Ichiro Save His Batting Average?

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Can Ichiro save his 2011 regular season batting average?

Ichiro Suzuki has been well-known throughout his entire MLB career as an excellent base-hitter.  Mr. Ichiro Suzuki sports a career .329 average and in 10 major league seasons, has never finished a single-season batting below .303, while playing pretty much every day.  In 2009, Ichiro played in 146 single-season games, which is his career-low in terms of total games played in a single-season.  146 games is still a lot of games to play in.  He has played in at least 157 games out of a 162-game season in all other 9 years of his career aside from 2009.  He has played in all 162 games in a season three times in his career and 161 games, also three times in his 10-year career.  (more…)