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Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at Fantazzle Now with Guaranteed Prizes

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at FantazzleFantazzle is proud to announce the addition of guaranteed fantasy baseball games. That means all prizes will be paid out in full even if the game doesn’t fill up. You can’t find that everywhere.

This Friday there are two games with guaranteed pots. There is a guaranteed pot of $100 for the $11 buy-in game and $200 for the $5.50 buy-in game. For the $200 pot game the top six get paid with the winner receiving $86 and the the $100 pot game the top three get paid with the winner receiving $50. For as little as $5.50 there are some nice cash prizes to be won. The $200 pot game is filling up fast, so sign up now!

The guaranteed games are in Fantazzle’s fantasy baseball salary cap games. You receive a $1 million salary  cap and then have to choose 8 players from various positions to fill your team. The scoring also remains the same. Both of these guaranteed contests take place every Friday in what they’re calling “Fantastic Fridays.”

You can now sign up for a Fantazzle account via Fantasy Baseball Sportal. Once you sign up you can even register for games and fill out your team while still on FBS. You can also access it by clicking the **PLAY FREE FANTASY BASEBALL GAMES** link under the main menu. (more…)

2010 Fantasy Baseball News (September 20th)

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This slugger's season could be behind him!

With two weeks left in the Major League Baseball season, fantasy baseball leagues are in their final stretch.  With little time remaining and many league championships still up in the air, it is vital to stay up to date on any news and information regarding your key fantasy baseball players.  Weekly Fantasy Sportal will continue to provide you with the most current news and information on all things baseball for you to take home that league title. (more…)

Free Fantasy Poker Game at Fantazzle

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports and Fatty’s Poker have teamed up to bring the poker and fantasy sports communities into one with the WSOP free fantasy poker game. This free fantasy sports game offers some of the largest prizes ever offered for a free game, as the winner receives a $10,000 entry into the 2011 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. Second and third place winner will also receive entries into 2011 WSOP events. You could be playing along side the greatest poker players in the world.

Playing the free fantasy poker game is similar to all the other fantasy sports games at Fantazzle. It’s simple! You will select 10 poker players from 10 pre-determined groups. The most important are the Fatty’s Five and Fatty’s All-Stars. Your Fatty players will earn double the fantasy points compared to the other 8 poker pros on your fantasy poker team.

The cash your poker pros earn is the amount of cash you receive for your fantasy points. From Day 1 – Day 4, you earn cash based on if your player survives through the day. For Day 1 you earn $5,000, Day 2 $10,000 and so on. Day 5 starts the “In the Money”. Your player will earn you fantasy cash when they cash out. If they come in 500th place and earn $30,000, you get $30,000 into your fantasy cash account. The further your poker pro advances, the better chance you have at winning the free fantasy poker prize.Be sure to get all the fantasy poker scoring details at Fantazzle before you play.

The WSOP Fantasy Poker Game starts July 5th when the first day of the 13-day WSOP Main Event starts.