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2012 Fantasy Baseball Preview | Albert Pujols

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
2012 Fantasy Baseball

Albert Pujols is ready to make the Angels a "real" contender.

Among the hot topics in fantasy baseball for the past few years has been debating who is the best slugger in baseball. While a lot of players have deservingly so been mentioned, Alex Rodriguez, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, the one name who seems to be a unanimous decision is Albert Pujols. The two-time World Series champ has thrived in St. Louis ever since he started playing for the Cardinals in 2001 in which he hit 37 home runs. And as Albert has thrived, his teammates have thrived as well. Guys like Matt Holiday, Scott Rolen, and Jim Edmonds have had some of their best statistical seasons being surrounded by Pujols, and fantasy baseball owners should expect the same from these years Los Angeles Angels. (more…)

2011 Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 Catchers

Monday, January 17th, 2011

World Champion Buster Posey moves near the top!

The top-10 pre-season positional rankings continue here at FBS. We will now take an in depth look at the backstop position; possibly the most important on the field when it comes to defense. But which catchers will be helping their teams and their fantasy baseball owners on the offensive side of the ball?

Please Note: Stats seen below are as follows: AVG HR  RBI  R  SB/Att.  ABs

1. Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins (27)

2010: .327    9      75   88    1/5     (510) (more…)

2011 Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 First Baseman

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Albert is number one, but who makes the rest of the top 10?

With fantasy football coming to a close in the next few weeks it is time to take a look at this upcoming fantasy baseball season. Pitchers and Catchers will report to spring training in just over a month, and though opening day is still a ways away, teams are starting to come together. Some major names were on the move this off-season and the statistics should be increased in some cases. We are going to start off by discussing first baseman. First base is arguably the highest producing position in fantasy baseball and there are a lot of major names who play first.

Check out the rest of our positional breakdowns in the coming weeks!

First Base:

1. Albert Pujols – St. Louis Cardinals (more…)

2010 MLB Season Preview

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
Chris CarpenterC

Can Carpenter lead the Cardinals back to the World Series?

The 2010-2011 season of Major League Baseball started this week and it is a welcome sign for many sport hungry fans.  After nearly 2 months of waiting since Drew Brees became “God for life” in Louisiana, sports fans have been on life support.

Thank God “March Madness” came right on cue and took over our lives and ruined some others (Kansas fans).  I, for one,  have been waiting for baseball season to come since early January after a dreadful season by the football team I follow.

There are always a few interesting story lines entering the season.  Here is what we at Fantasy Baseball Sportal believe are the Top Three: (more…)

Fantasy Baseball Top 5 Position Rankings (April. 3rd)

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Adrian Gonzalez fantasy numbers will jump up considerably high if he is traded to a hitter friendly ballpark.

Each week, FBS will provide you with player rankings for each position. These rankings will be based on past performance and upcoming matchups for the week. But since the season is just opening up, here are our Top 5 players at each position coming into the year. (more…)