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2012 Fantasy Baseball: For Real or Fictitious

Monday, April 16th, 2012
2012 Fantasy Baseball: For Real or Fictitious?

Is Carlos Pena for real?

Every fantasy baseball season there are players who get off to hot starts. Some of them maintain a high level of production for the entire season (think Matt Kemp in 2011) and others seem to hit a wall after performing well early on.

The importance of determining which players will continue to do well and who will fall off is crucial in managing your team. A player who is off to a hot start for your team but who you think can’t continue to rake should be traded while their value is at a maximum level.

A player on another team who does the same thing should be recognized and avoided in any potential trade offers.

Let’s take a look at some players by position and see who is for real this year and who has had fictitious performances thus far. (All stats are as of Monday afternoon) (more…)

All-Star Balloting: Berkman’s Bat Leads the Way in National League Power Rankings

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Lance Berkman's surprising start has him atop the NL Power Rankings

The Brewers have fallen off and the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the hottest teams in the National League. Led by two superb bats that do not belong to Albert Pujols, the Cards have one of the scariest lineups in the game. But the Cardinal bats are not the only ones showing what they can do. There are a few established superstars continuing their good work, as well as some surprises taking fantasy baseball by storm. This is a list of the hottest bats in the National League as of May 9th.

1) Lance Berkman – STL (Last Week: 2)
Berkman has been the surprise of the 2011 season. Hitting an incredible .374 into the month of April, the 25-year old leads the Majors with 32 runs batted in, and ranks among the top sluggers with 10 home runs early on. (more…)