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Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at Fantazzle Now with Guaranteed Prizes

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at FantazzleFantazzle is proud to announce the addition of guaranteed fantasy baseball games. That means all prizes will be paid out in full even if the game doesn’t fill up. You can’t find that everywhere.

This Friday there are two games with guaranteed pots. There is a guaranteed pot of $100 for the $11 buy-in game and $200 for the $5.50 buy-in game. For the $200 pot game the top six get paid with the winner receiving $86 and the the $100 pot game the top three get paid with the winner receiving $50. For as little as $5.50 there are some nice cash prizes to be won. The $200 pot game is filling up fast, so sign up now!

The guaranteed games are in Fantazzle’s fantasy baseball salary cap games. You receive a $1 million salary  cap and then have to choose 8 players from various positions to fill your team. The scoring also remains the same. Both of these guaranteed contests take place every Friday in what they’re calling “Fantastic Fridays.”

You can now sign up for a Fantazzle account via Fantasy Baseball Sportal. Once you sign up you can even register for games and fill out your team while still on FBS. You can also access it by clicking the **PLAY FREE FANTASY BASEBALL GAMES** link under the main menu. (more…)

Website Review: Fantasy Baseball Tools

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
Fantasy Baseball

FBT is your one stop source for fantasy baseball.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fantasy baseball toolbox to fix the holes in your lineup? Well, it exists! is the digital version of that very toolbox that so many owners desire. You can now find fantasy baseball sleepers, rankings, news, and other effective strategy updates that can help you and your fantasy team earn the crown come year’s end.

Whether it’s daily news, minor league reports, player rankings, strategies, or even team-by-team previews, Fantasy Baseball Tools really has it all. With a very easy platform that reads very easily, FBT provides it all in one place. Simply go to the navigation drop down bars and see everything and anything you could possibly be looking for! (more…)

Website Review: Fantasy Alarm

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
Fantasy Assistance

Let Fantasy Alarm help you with your fantasy lineup.

Are you sick of putting players on your fantasy baseball lineup that do not start? If you are, Fantasy Alarm is the place for you.

Fantasy Alarm will send you constant updates on the players of your choice for the MLB, NBA, and NFL. You will receive breaking injury and breaking lineup alarms directly to your email and/or phone via text message. (more…)

Website Review: Fantasy Judgment

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Let the judge make the tough call.

Every fantasy sports league has their issues: money, suspicious trades, teams working together, and other actions that go against the fabric of fantasy sports. Now, thanks to, there is a place to resolve such issues.

Often times the commissioner of a fantasy league may be deemed “biased” in making a decision, so in such instances why not ask for help from a third-party? The gentlemen at have a very thorough process of ensuring that the correct and just decision is made. (more…)

Website Review: Fighting Chance Fantasy

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Fantasy Baseball

FCF is an elite fantasy provider. is a very useful fantasy site for any fantasy sports fanatic who can’t get enough. The site has everything from a “Prospect Watch” column to podcasts giving the most up to the minute news. FCF currently holds a league and will be holding a variety of games in the future for its members

For the time being the Fighting Chance Fantasy team is specializing in baseball and football. Since baseball season is upon us you can find articles such as “Rounding the Bases,” which gives daily insight on previous matchups. (more…)