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2012 March Madness | Free Bracket and Salary Cap Games

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
2012 March Madness | Free Bracket and Salary Cap Games

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports is proud to offer March Madness fantasy basketball and bracket games for the men's 2012 NCAA Tournament.

With Selection Sunday just four days away, college basketball fans across the US are champing at the bit to fill out their 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket. To fulfill the desires of fantasy basketball connoisseurs across the nation, Fantazzle Fantasy Sports is proud to offer a bevy of 2012 March Madness fantasy basketball games for its users, featuring limited lineup, pick’em, salary cap and free March Madness bracket games. For user convenience, games will be available every day and round of the tournament.

Fantazzle will be offering three free March Madness bracket games starting Selection Sunday, including the traditional tournament-long bracket (64 teams), a second round bracket (32 teams) and a Sweet Sixteen bracket.


2010 MLB Midseason Awards (Jul. 14th)

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Pujols has been criticized, but why?

American League Winners


AL MVP- Miguel Cabrera, 1B, Detroit Tigers. Cabrera is in the mix for the Triple Crown. Mentioning someone’s name and Triple Crown in the same sentence makes it easy deciding who the midway MVP is. He’s batting .346 (tied for 1st with Josh Hamilton) and he has 22 home runs so far, which is second to only Jose Bautista (24). He has 77 RBI and that stands alone as first not only in the AL but the NL as well.

His stats are tremendous, but that’s not the only reason he should be the MVP. Time and time again, Cabrera gets big hits for the Tigers when they need it most. He means more to the Tigers than any other player means to their team, which is why he is the midway MVP and will ultimately win the MVP at the end of the season. (more…)

Free Fantasy Poker Game at Fantazzle

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports and Fatty’s Poker have teamed up to bring the poker and fantasy sports communities into one with the WSOP free fantasy poker game. This free fantasy sports game offers some of the largest prizes ever offered for a free game, as the winner receives a $10,000 entry into the 2011 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. Second and third place winner will also receive entries into 2011 WSOP events. You could be playing along side the greatest poker players in the world.

Playing the free fantasy poker game is similar to all the other fantasy sports games at Fantazzle. It’s simple! You will select 10 poker players from 10 pre-determined groups. The most important are the Fatty’s Five and Fatty’s All-Stars. Your Fatty players will earn double the fantasy points compared to the other 8 poker pros on your fantasy poker team.

The cash your poker pros earn is the amount of cash you receive for your fantasy points. From Day 1 – Day 4, you earn cash based on if your player survives through the day. For Day 1 you earn $5,000, Day 2 $10,000 and so on. Day 5 starts the “In the Money”. Your player will earn you fantasy cash when they cash out. If they come in 500th place and earn $30,000, you get $30,000 into your fantasy cash account. The further your poker pro advances, the better chance you have at winning the free fantasy poker prize.Be sure to get all the fantasy poker scoring details at Fantazzle before you play.

The WSOP Fantasy Poker Game starts July 5th when the first day of the 13-day WSOP Main Event starts.