Website Review: Pickemfirst is the ultimate fantasy league tool. It offers every available convenience for those seeking a central site to manage single or multiple fantasy leagues and hey, it’s free. It serves as a pivotal addition to any fantasy gamer’s arsenal of information, as well as gaining that key advantage to win your fantasy leagues.

In a nutshell, Pickemfirst is a fantasy sports tool that links users to their individual fantasy league accounts while also providing relevant information about each player, including recent fantasy news, past stats, and performance projections. Color-coded icons serve as an indicator for each player’s availability in each user’s respective fantasy leagues, and can also save the user time.

The fantasy sports tool does require a download to access the program, but the downloading/sign up process is simple, written in a step by step manner, and without cost. The download offers operational add ons for the most popular Internet browsers-Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Complete with fantasy links to stay in touch with the site through Twitter and Facebook, Pickemfirst does a wonderful job at staying modern and up-to-date.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Pickemfirst is not limited to one fantasy sport. It covers fantasy football leagues, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey. Users can even manage multiple fantasy leagues within popular fantasy sites such as Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, and ESPN Fantasy Sports. This fantasy sports tool truly is the ultimate fantasy gamer’s way to gain an edge in their fantasy league.

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    Good review. I think this will be a useful tool for all of you dedicated fantasy fans. It reduces the switching from page to page that I know you do now because I do.

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