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Let the judge make the tough call.

Every fantasy sports league has their issues: money, suspicious trades, teams working together, and other actions that go against the fabric of fantasy sports. Now, thanks to, there is a place to resolve such issues.

Often times the commissioner of a fantasy league may be deemed “biased” in making a decision, so in such instances why not ask for help from a third-party? The gentlemen at have a very thorough process of ensuring that the correct and just decision is made.

The “Appellant”, or the person submitting the dispute, must first explain the issue in detail. Within 24 hours the “Respondent” will share their side of the story and submit the case to the panel of five judges.

The five judges, led by Chief Justice Michael A. Stein, will then take into account the league rules and any insight the commissioner is able to share. Using their expertise and the evidence given to them, the panel-of-judges then provide a detailed written decision within a day after the Respondent submits their evidence.

Each claim entails a $15 fee. Fantasy Judgment also has an unlimited, season claim-dispute package for $100. The fees might seem large to some fantasy players, but it is worth every penny, especially in big money leagues. Considering the various amount of challenges and issues presented in a standard fantasy league, this is arguably a very small price to pay.

The staff at are there when you need them to help keep your league in order. As we all know, controversial issues come up several times a year, and with help from the judges there is now no need to lose sleep over making any irreversible decisions, being the “bad guy”, or ruining your league.

With FantasyJudgment, you can walk into your fantasy season knowing everything will be in perfect order. As Michael A. Stein says it best, “Don’t let your fantasy sports issues become a reality.”

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