2011 Fantasy Baseball: Top 50 Fantasy Players

Albert Pujols sits at #1 on our 2011 Top 50 Fantasy Player list.

As pitchers and catchers report this week, that means only one thing. Baseball season is upon us. For many Fantasy Baseball players their draft preparation kicks into gear at this time. I have put together a top 50 list, ranking the players for the 2011 season. Taking the best 50 players in the order you should draft them. This list could be used with every possible league type. It’s not the best 50 players in the game in that order, rather just the best 50 fantasy players. Enjoy!

1. Albert Pujols: The biggest story for Pujols will be if he signs an extension with the Cardinals or becomes a free agent.
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Hanley Ramirez
4. Ryan Braun
5. Carl Crawford: A duel threat with his legs and his bat.
6. Troy Tulowitzki
7. Robinson Cano
8. Evan Longoria
9. Joey Votto: Can he follow up his monster 2010 season with another one in 2011?
10. Adrian Gonzalez
11. Carlos Gonzalez
12. David Wright: He still remains among the best at third base.
13. Chase Utley
14. Josh Hamilton
15. Matt Holliday
16. Roy Halladay: One of the Phillies four aces on staff should win 15+ games for your fantasy team.
17. Alex Rodriguez
18. Adam Wainwright
19. Felix Hernandez
20. Joe Mauer
21. Prince Fielder
22. Cliff Lee
23. Kevin Youkilis
24. Nelson Cruz: If he can stay healthy he could be a steal in your draft.
25. Mark Teixeira
26. Dustin Pedroia: How much will he produce after he missed a good part of 2010.
27. Matt Kemp
28. Shin-Soo Choo
29. Tim Lincecum
30. Ryan Howard: You might be asking us why he’s so far down our fantasy baseball list? Well, he either hits home runs or strikes out. That’s why.
31. Justin Upton
32. Jose Reyes
33. Adam Dunn
34. Jon Lester: One of the best pitchers in the AL. Can he have a consistent 2011?
35. Ryan Zimmerman
36. Ichiro
37. Ubaldo Jimenez: Jimenez had a great start to the 2010 season. Virtually unhittable until August where he started a small slump.
38. Jayson Werth
39. Clayton Kershaw
40. Buster Posey: Love this kid’s skill. Could put up monster numbers in 2011.
41. Victor Martinez
42. C.C Sabathia
43. Jason Heyward
44. David Price: The ace on the Rays staff. I expect 15 wins at least this season.
45. Zack Grienke
46. Ian Kinsler
47. Chris Carpenter
48. Alex Rios
49. B.J Upton: Big risk/reward player for your fantasy baseball team.
50. Justin Verlander

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