Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers of the Week (Jun. 18th)

This man is thinking of ways to help your fantasy team.

Many of these players are currently owned and underperforming, this is the perfect recipe for buy-low candidates. If you look at the top of this list, you will see one player that can help you in multiple categories and is in one of the most dangerous lineups. Down the list, we have several hitters who can get you some decent power numbers for cheap. Which one fits your squad?

#1. Curtis Granderson, CF, New York Yankees 

When the Yankees traded for Granderson from the Tigers, they expected more from him with the bat.  Especially with the hitters ballpark the Yankees have. He is doing good defensively but for some reason he’s not hitting the ball very well. For the season, he is batting .241 with five homeruns and 18 RBI. That’s a little disappointing to hear when you have the kind of lineup the Yankees have. For his career, he’s a .271 hitter. With the Yankees lineup and what he has accomplished with the Tigers, it’s only a matter of time until he gets hot. I believe that time is now. He has a three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and L.A. Dodgers, both interleague games. The Diamondbacks pitching staff isn’t all that great and they have the worst ERA in baseball, 5.46. Granderson has a chance to redeem himself against the Diamondbacks and could carry the momentum to the next series, verse the Dodgers. Granderson isn’t going to be available in free agency. However, this is the time to play him. Right now the market for Granderson isn’t all that high. So if you need a center fielder, it won’t be hard to trade for him.

#2. Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B, Oakland Athletics

If you need a third baseman, Kouzmanoff is your man. For the season, he is batting .290 with six home runs and 35 RBI. The last six games, he is hitting a remarkable .500, 12-24, with three runs, two doubles, four RBI and two walks.  You could snatch him in free agency because he is owned in just 35.5% of leagues. The Athletics have a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh. As a fantasy owner, it couldn’t get any better than this. The Reds have a team ERA of 4.66. That’s not all. The Pirates have a team ERA of 5.24. That’s second to last in all of baseball. Kouzmanoff is on fire and has favorable matchups. It can’t get much better for a fantasy owner. If he’s available in free-agency, I wouldn’t waste any time in grabbing him and starting this week. Take advantage now before it’s too late and he starts to cool down.

#3. Gabby Sanchez, 1B, Florida Marlins

The past five games, Gabby Sanchez is batting .389, 7-18, with four runs, two homeruns, six RBI and four walks. Overall, he is batting .279 with seven home runs and 28 RBI. Right now, Sanchez is playing very well. He is a career .279 hitter and could be cooling off his hot streak at anytime. Until he does, I would play him. Marlins have a three game series against the Baltimore Orioles and San Diego Padres. There is good news against both these matchups. Orioles don’t have the greatest pitching staff and have a team ERA of 4.94. Nevertheless, the Padres have the best ERA in baseball, 3.00. However, in two games, Sanchez got two hits and two RBI. That’s not that bad considering how good the pitching staff in San Diego is. I would play Sanchez against the Orioles, but if you need a first baseman, don’t shy away from Sanchez against the Padres. 

#4. Garret Jones, RF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Overall, Jones is batting .273 with 10 homeruns and 41 RBI. The past six games, he is batting .391, 9-23, with three runs, two doubles, two home runs, three walks and six RBI. These numbers shouldn’t be taken lightly. He won’t be available in free agency. However, you have a gem on your roster right now he shouldn’t be overlooked. Pirates have a three game series against Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics. They both are in the middle of the pack when he comes to pitching. Matchups shouldn’t always pre-determine who should play or sit. Sometimes, players are in the zone and it doesn’t matter if their playing the best pitcher in baseball or the worst. Right now, Jones is in his zone and could be due for another similar week he just had.

#5. Jason Kubel, DH, Minnesota Twins

Jason Kubel is in a lineup with Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Delmon Young. He is definitely taking advantage of the opportunity. Overall, he is batting .246 with nine home runs and 38 RBI’s. The past six games he is batting .364, 8-22, with four runs, two doubles two homeruns, four RBI and a walk. He is a designated hitter and the twins have six inner league games, three against the Milwaukee Brewers and NY Mets. Therefore, you have to see when he is going to be in the lineup and when he is going to rest. When he is in the lineup, I would plug him in, especially against the Brewers. They have a team ERA of 5.11. Even if he doesn’t get that much playing time, I would pick him up of the waiver wire for future matchups. He is owned by 55.3% of leagues.

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