Play Fantasy Baseball Playoff Games at Fantazzle!

Fantasy Baseball Games

Play Fantasy Playoff Baseball at Fantazzle!

FBS is in the habit of bringing great sites, games, tools, and resources to the attention of our readers, and with the fantasy baseball regular season officially over, that doesn’t mean we stop getting to work.

We’ll continue working on giving you some of the best advice around for anyone out there who participates in fantasy baseball playoff games or leagues, and in doing so, we’d also like to point our baseball community to some fantastic fantasy baseball games at Fantazzle Fantasy Games.

Fantazzle was already offering great daily and weekly fantasy baseball games during the regular season, but starting Wednesday, October 6th, they will be offering two brand new fantasy baseball games, just for the 2010 MLB playoffs!

Their Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge game acts exactly like their regular season Fantasy Baseball Challenge game, except it lasts for the entire duration of the 2010 MLB playoffs. This type of game allows fantasy users to select a team for the entire playoffs, and track the success of the roster as teams advance in the real-life tournament. It also challenges fantasy players to draft a fantasy roster full of stud fantasy options, while also keeping the playoffs in mind. Pick the best players, but make sure their real life teams last long enough so you benefit from more stats throughout the playoffs.

Fantazzle’s second fantasy baseball playoff game, the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series game, also operates just like the regular season Fantasy Baseball Challenge game, but is a round-by-round game played in each MLB playoff series, divided into three different fantasy baseball games. If you draft poorly or narrowly lose in the first round, just draft a whole new team and test your skills in the second and third rounds!

While you’re at Fantazzle to check out their new fantasy baseball playoff games, we also suggest you take advantage of their many fantasy sports games and fantasy promotions.

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Fantazzle Fantasy Baseball

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