Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at Fantazzle Now with Guaranteed Prizes

Play Daily Fantasy Baseball at FantazzleFantazzle is proud to announce the addition of guaranteed fantasy baseball games. That means all prizes will be paid out in full even if the game doesn’t fill up. You can’t find that everywhere.

This Friday there are two games with guaranteed pots. There is a guaranteed pot of $100 for the $11 buy-in game and $200 for the $5.50 buy-in game. For the $200 pot game the top six get paid with the winner receiving $86 and the the $100 pot game the top three get paid with the winner receiving $50. For as little as $5.50 there are some nice cash prizes to be won. The $200 pot game is filling up fast, so sign up now!

The guaranteed games are in Fantazzle’s fantasy baseball salary cap games. You receive a $1 million salary  cap and then have to choose 8 players from various positions to fill your team. The scoring also remains the same. Both of these guaranteed contests take place every Friday in what they’re calling “Fantastic Fridays.”

You can now sign up for a Fantazzle account via Fantasy Baseball Sportal. Once you sign up you can even register for games and fill out your team while still on FBS. You can also access it by clicking the **PLAY FREE FANTASY BASEBALL GAMES** link under the main menu.

From now on start your day off by checking out our must-starts for the day and then take our advice and play daily fantasy baseball without leaving FBS. No other site lets you do that. Playing daily fantasy baseball has never been easier. Make sure to come back every Friday to enter and maybe you’ll start your weekend off on a good note with some extra cash.

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports will be trying to add cash every new week depending on the demand for the games. They already upped the “guaranteed” stake from $150 to $200 in the $5.50 buy-in game so there should be even bigger games for the high rollers out there.

Look for Fantazzle to run their guaranteed fantasy baseball games for the remainder of the season into the fantasy baseball playoffs. That’s three more months of guaranteed games still to be played. One could make a lot of money in that time span.

If baseball isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Fantazzle will be offering guaranteed fantasy football games, as well, as soon as the season starts and they hope to offer other sports in the future as well.

So what are you waiting for? Join Fantazzle and play their guaranteed Fantastic Fridays and win guaranteed cash prizes. Go sign up now!

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