2010 MLB Power Rankings (April. 11th)

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can get in a given category. For instance if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category. The 5 offensive categories used: HR’s, RBI’s, Runs, Average, and SB’s. The 5 pitching categories used: Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s.

Joe Mauer and Orlando Hudson celebrating being atop the Power Rankings after the opening week.

1. Minnesota Twins (5-1): The Twins ranked 11 points higher than the next team with 241 points out of a possible 300. No Nathan no problem! The 6’11” Jon Rauch showed he can handle the closers role with a league leading 4 saves after week 1.

2. Philadelphia Phillies (4-1): The Phillies put up 230 points and were able to put up the most offensive points in leading the league in average and runs. Placido Polanco has been a huge pick up thus far.

3. Oakland Athletics (4-2): This is a surprise here with the A’s in the top 3 at 226 total points. In order for Oakland to continue to rank this well, Daric Barton (7 RBI’s) will need to continue to get guys like Rajai Davis and Mark Ellis across the plate (6 runs each).

4. Arizona Diamondbacks (3-2): Arizona has put up solid fantasy numbers after the first week. Dan Haren was able to get good work in during his first two starts leading the league in K’s and IP leading the D’Backs to 118 Fantasy pitching points.

5. Toronto Blue Jays (4-1): The Blue Jays young pitching staff was able to handle themselves very well after week 1 leading their team to the most Fantasy pitching points, 131. The offensive explosion that is Vernon Wells (.412/4/7) has been able to lead the offense and help the Jays record 4 wins.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (4-1): Matt Holliday is showing why the Cardinals needed him more than he needed the Cardinals. After the first week he is batting .476 and has scored 7 runs. With this kind of production from the second best hitter in the lineup, the Cards are sure to move up this list.

7. New York Yankees (3-2): Brett Gardener showed he is going to be a menace on the base paths after leading the AL in stolen bases with 3 at the end of week 1. Mo is still electric and C.C. Sabathia will improve upon what he did his first two starts. Although still in the top 10 I think this is a little low for the Yankees. They should move up after next week.

8. San Francisco Giants (4-1): When you get 2 wins from Jeremy Affeldt and you have guys like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain to anchor the rotation, it will be easy to remain in the top 10 Fantasy wise all season. Brian Wilson is looking sharp giving up only 1 hit, striking 4 out, and recording 2 saves in the first week. Edgar Renteria (.524/1/5)…wow!

9. Detroit Tigers (4-1): Magglio Ordonez is on fire, he has recorded 10 hits and leads the AL with a .476 average. Throw in slugger Miguel Cabrera and his 7 RBI’s and .450 average and this is a team that looks like they will be here all year.

10. Boston Red Sox (2-3): Only team in the top 10 with a losing record. Look for them to move up with some more wins coming this week.

11.  Los Angeles Dodgers (2-3): The Dodgers put up just 57 total Fantasy pitching points which is largely in part to their record and the inability to record a save after the first week.

12. Atlanta Braves (3-2): Well Heyward went deep his first AB…then went a combined 0-9 in consecutive games against the Cubs and Giants. Atlanta’s fantasy relevance won’t rely on Heyward and yours should not either!

13. Colorado Rockies (2-3): The Rockies are a solid all around team in real life and in Fantasy. They put up 82 offensive points and 95 pitching points. These numbers will probably get a little higher.

14. Florida Marlins (3-2): Josh Johnson is ready to carry the staff and as always the offense will make due.

15. New York Mets (2-3): Jeff Francouer is killing the ball. He is 5th in average in the NL and 2nd to only Ryan Howard with a .944 slugging percentage.

16. Milwaukee Brewers (2-3): Yovani Gallardo just got paid, but it was not from his week 1 performances. His ERA is almost 7 and he did not get a win in either of his 2 starts. Pay close attention to Casey McGehee, he can play multiple positions and produce some runs.

17. Cincinnati Reds (2-3): Drew Stubbs has been the surprise on the Reds so far. He leads the team in total bases (10) while having a .313. average and 5 RBI’s after the first week.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates (3-2): The Pirates look like they may be better than expected after seeing them the first week. They are young, athletic and fearless. McCutchen and Garrett Jones should continue to make noise.

19. Chicago Cubs (2-3): Big Z got shelled his first outing but was able to record 1 win for the week. I do expect him to have a good year but if you can trade him for help in other areas, I would recommend it.

20. Seattle Mariners (2-4): Chone Figgins had a rough first week with his new team batting only .190 with only 4 hits. He did record 2 SBs and 3 runs but will need to better his average.

21. Tampa Bay Rays (3-2): Probably the biggest disappointment after week 1, the Rays scored only 151 total points. They face the Yankees and Red Sox 3 of their 6 games this week. Tampa Bay better hammer the O’s or they could fall further next week.

22. Kansas City Royals (2-3): Even with 2 starts from last year’s CY Award winner, Zach Greinke, the Royals were only able to put up 67 points from their pitching.

23. Texas Rangers (2-3): In two save opportunities Frank Francisco has 2 losses and a 27 ERA. Young arm of Neftali Feliz takes over as the “temporary closer”

24. Baltimore Orioles (1-4): Adam Jones has twice as many strikeouts as runs and only 1 RBI- which came on his only HR. Rough start for the phenom.

25. Chicago White Sox (1-4): Mark Buehrle could have made the play of the year on opening day, but that doesn’t get you Fantasy points. He will need help from Peavy and co. to gain respect.

26. Los Angeles Angels (2-4): Jered Weaver is the only starter on the Angels with an ERA under 4 so far. For a team that will rely heavily on their pitching, this is not a good sign.

27. Cleveland Indians (2-3): The Indians put up a stellar 37 offensive fantasy points which ranks 29th only ahead of the Astros. Can they get some production from the young guys?

28. San Diego Padres (2-3): The Padres are another team with major offensive woes. I have heard many people discuss releasing Kyle Blanks. Too early, give him a couple more weeks to improve on his .368 slugging percentage.

29. Washington Nationals (2-3): I just heard the Nationals owner is the richest in baseball, so why not bite the bullet and bring Strasburg up? Their pitching is terrible scoring only 30 Fantasy points in week 1.

30. Houston Astros (0-5): It’s pretty obvious why the Astros are here: They Stink! Houston starts the season rankings with the worst Fantasy pitching and hitting with a grand total of 33 points.

Best Offense: (127) Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees

Best Pitching: (131) Toronto Blue Jays

Worst Offense: (16) Houston Astros

Worst Pitching: (17) Houston Astros

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