MLB Fantasy Power Rankings (Jun. 29th)

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.


Jon Garland is leading the Padres pitching to the top spot.

The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI’s, Runs, Average, and SB’s.

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

Fantasy Power Rankings PDF Chart

1.(↑1) Texas Rangers (46-29): What the Rangers offense has been producing has not been a surprise, their pitching on the other hand has had all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. Everyone should know by now what the Rangers have with Neftali Feliz, but what about their starters? Colby Lewis has a 3.28 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP, and although he has just seven wins, he has nine QS (quality starts) in 15 games this season. Even more impressive is C.J. Wilson with 11 QS in 15 games started. The Rangers lead the FPR this week with 251 of the possible 300 points.

2.(↓1) New York Yankees (47-28): Don’t worry Yankee fans, you only fall one spot and your still just eight points behind Texas. Another reason not to worry would be that of one Andy Pettitte. Pettitte has 11 QS (of 15) and a 2.72 ERA. This is after he gave up four-earned to the Dodgers his last start. Paired with the rest of the staff, Pettitte has been a great story this year; for the Yankees and fantasy owners alike.

3.(↔) Tampa Bay Rays (44-31): While Tampa Bay is just 3-7 over their last 10, and they have distractions in the dugout, there is still no reason to panic. A big reason for this is David Price. The 6’6’ 225-pound lefty has finally arrived this year. He was good in the past, but this is exactly what should be expected for at least the next decade. Price was the first AL pitcher to reach 11 wins and currently has a 2.44 ERA with only three losses on the year. The Rays pitching ranks third in the majors, with 125-of-150 points.

4.(↔) Boston Red Sox (46-31): While the Red Sox may stand to lose Buchholz for a start or two, they still have Jon Lester. Boston has won seven of ten and now sit just two games back of the division leading Yankees. Lester has given up just four runs over his last four starts while striking out 22 over that span. The lefty has 111 K’s on the season with a 2.86 ERA and nine wins. He leads the Red Sox to 94 pitching points and should have help coming back soon in (mid-July) in Josh Beckett.

5.(↑2) Cincinnati Reds (43-34): With only 78 pitching points, it’s obvious why their ranked in the top-5. Their offense! The Reds scored in the top-8 in all five offensive categories and finish with 129 points second to only the Rangers (132). Scott Rolen, Joey Votto, and Johnny Gomes all combine for 42 HR’s and 155 RBI on the season?? Scott Rolen is on pace for about 35 HR’s and 127 RBI. Not that these projections are likely, but he could reach 30 and 100 respectively and get you some worthy production.  

6.(↑8) San Diego Padres (45-31): This week the Padres move up eight spots and provide the most interesting stat to do for the FPR. The Padres have an incredible 144 of a possible 150 pitching points this week while leading in three of the five categories used. This is certainly looking into and when you do this first thing you will find is that their doing this with a bunch of young players, and of course Jon Garland. The Padres have four starting pitchers with a 3.16 ERA or lower: Garland, Latos, LeBlanc, Richard.

7.(↑2) St. Louis Cardinals (42-34): St. Louis is another team being carried by their pitching. Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright combine for 19 wins and 26 QS in 33 combined starts. Anytime you have a one-two-punch like these guys you can win, but when you throw in Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, you can win a championship.

8.(↓3) Atlanta Braves (45-32): The Braves still lead the NL East by 1.5 games over the Mets and 3.5 over the Phillies. I say still, because they will be lucky to lead this division for two more weeks with rookie Jason Heyward out until after the all-star break. Atlanta is still 27-8 at home this season and are far from falling apart, but the Phillies should get back to normal soon.

9.(↓3) Los Angeles Angels (43-35): The Angels score 107 batting points this week and 82 pitching points. Los Angeles went 7-3 over their last 10 and LOST ground to the Rangers. Tori Hunter (.285/12/53/6) and Bobby Abreu (.269/8/39/12) are putting together solid seasons for fantasy owners.

10.(↑1) New York Mets (43-33): At ten games over .500 I can’t see the Mets playing much better ball than this. New York of the NL, has a tough road ahead in the battle for the WC but they do currently hold the lead. Johan has given up at least four runs in his last four starts (three losses, 17 ER’s) and sits just 5-5 on the year.  

11.(↑1) San Francisco Giants (40-35): San Francisco came in second this week with 129 total pitching points.

12.(↓2) Toronto Blue Jays (40-37): Toronto’s pitching outscores its batting this week 99-71.

13.(↑3) Chicago White Sox (39-36): The White Sox 11-game winning streak helped them move up three spots and near the top of the AL Central.

14.(↑4) Colorado Rockies (40-36): Colorado scored in the bottom-10 in just one category this week (saves).

15.(↔) Florida Marlins (36-40): In 16 starts Josh Johnson has 14 QS, with a 1.83 ERA and a 0.96 WHIP.  

16.(↓3) Los Angeles Dodgers (41-35): The Dodgers scored just 75 batting points this week, good for only 11th in the NL.

17.(↓9) Minnesota Twins (41-35): The Twins are the biggest fallers of the week. They also fall out of first place in the AL Central.

18.(↓1) Detroit Tigers (41-34): The Tigers lead the AL Central currently over the Twins and White Sox but finish third in the FPR of the three.

19.(↓2) Milwaukee Brewers (34-42): The Brewers rank 7th in batting and 26th in pitching.

20.(↑2) Philadelphia Phillies (40-34): Just read that Chase Utley and Placido Polanco will both be going on the 15-day DL.

21.(↓1) Kansas City Royals (23-44): Jose Guillen just had his 21-game hit-streak snapped, his average only reached .279 by the end.  

22.(↑2) Oakland Athletics (37-40): Oakland scores in the bottom-12 in six categories.

23.(↓4) Chicago Cubs (33-43): Zambrano lost another screw, are there any left?

24.(↓1) Washington Nationals (33-44): Strasburg has been excellent with the Nats, but the Nats have been terrible with Strasburg.

25.(↔) Arizona Diamondbacks (30-47): Arizona puts up the fourth worst pitching points (30) this week.

26.(↔) Seattle Mariners (31-44): Cliff Lee pitched his third-straight complete game tonight.

27.(↔) Houston Astros (30-47): The Astros put up an embarrassing 25 batting points this week.

28.(↔) Cleveland Indians (28-47): With just 14 points Cleveland again scores the least amount of pitching points.

29.(↑1) Baltimore Orioles (23-52): See Cleveland. Baltimore scored just one more point.

30.(↓1) Pittsburgh Pirates (26-50): Pittsburgh ranks in the bottom-5 in eight-of-ten categories.

Best Offense: (132) Texas Rangers

Best Pitching: (144) San Diego Padres

Worst Offense: (25) Houston Astros

Worst Pitching: (14) Cleveland Indians

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