MLB Fantasy Power Rankings (Jul. 19th)

 These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category. 


Now that they have the lead, can they hold on to it?

The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI, Runs, Average, and SB’s  

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

Fantasy Power Rankings PDF Chart

1.(↑2) Texas Rangers (53-39): With 249-of-300 total points, the Rangers hold the number one spot coming out of the All-Star break. It’s no secret that Texas’ strength is their offense, but with the acquisition of Cliff Lee and the maturing of their young pitchers, the Rangers are going to be a team to keep an eye on in the pennant race.

2.(↓1) Tampa Bay Rays (55-36): The Rays are second in the AL East at three games behind the Yankees. However, they currently have bragging rights over New York in the FPR with 24 more total points than the bombers. Surprisingly (to some) the Rays strength is their pitching this year as they have the second most pitching points in the FPR with 135 points.

3.(↓1) New York Yankees (58-33): The Yankees have the best record in the league but sit in third in these rankings. With Andy Pettitte headed to the DL his replacement is set to be Sergio Mitre. Not exactly an even exchange, but it is only every five days. No need for the Yankees to pull a deal in my eyes, but with Burnett and Pettitte dealing with injuries this should be monitored.

4.(↔) Cincinnati Reds (51-42): The Reds received a lot of attention around the All-Star break with Joey Votto not receiving enough credit for his work in the first-half. They now have Edinson Volquez back from suspension and their pitching is looking as good as it has all season. I take back my previous assumptions that this was the Cardinals division to lose. The Reds are for real!

5.(↑2) San Diego Padres (54-37): I just admitted one mistake, and I will admit another: Adrian Gonzalez isn’t going anywhere. With they’re young players seemingly taking the next step in their careers; it would be foolish to change anything in San Diego. Unless of course, they can add another solid piece by the trade deadline.    

6.(↑4) Chicago White Sox (50-41): The White Sox have been the hottest team in baseball─ before they went to Minnesota. However, they’re recent success cannot be ignored because of a three-game losing streak to one of their rivals. One of the keys to the recent success is their elite bullpen. J.J. Putz hasn’t given up a run in over 22 IP and, with the exception of last night, closer Bobby Jenks has been great over the last month.

7.(↓1) Boston Red Sox (52-40): Even with being decimated by injuries the Red Sox are still keeping it together and keeping up with the Rays and Yankees. However, there is only one team that can win the wild card (I don’t see any way Boston wins the division), and right now they are 3.5 games back in that race. Josh Beckett will be making his first start since May 18th this Friday in Seattle.

8.(─) San Francisco Giants (50-42): Over his last seven games Buster Posey is 12-of-28 with two homers and eight RBI─ why did they wait so long? The point is that this kid is only going to get better and the Giants are hoping he hasn’t reached his peak for the season. If he can keep this up and help protect guys like Aubrey Huff and Pablo Sandival, the Giants have a real shot at their division and beyond.   


Will Tulo's early-August return be enough for the Rockies?

9.(─) Colorado Rockies (50-41):

Speaking of the NL West, this may be the team to beat. While, the Padres and Giants are both ahead of the Rockies (193 total points), Colorado might just be the best team in this division. I know I wouldn’t want my team to face Ubaldo Jimenez every three games in the playoffs.

10.(↑1) Atlanta Braves (54-38): The Phillies may be in some serious trouble, and the Braves are the reason why. With Jair Jurrjens back from injury he has given the Braves even more help in pulling away from Philly. Since returning from the DL he has pitched 17.2 innings and allowed just five runs. For my money, this is the best rotation in baseball, and they keep getting better.  

11.(↑4) St. Louis Cardinals (51-41): The Cardinals late game heroics Sunday gives them five straight wins.

12.(↑1) Los Angeles Angels (50-45): The Angels have fallen to 4.5 games back of the Rangers.

13.(↓8) Los Angeles Dodgers (49-43): The Dodgers are the biggest fallers this week and have lost four straight.

14.(↑4) Minnesota Twins (49-43): The Twins took 3-of-4 from the White Sox and now sit just 1.5 GB, while Morneau is set to return this week.

15.(↑1) Toronto Blue Jays (47-45): Toronto continues to hit the ball hard, they just don’t have enough people on base when they do.

16.(↓2) Florida Marlins (44-47): It looks like the Marlins are going to be sellers at the deadline, but who will it be?

17.(↑3) Oakland Athletics (46-46): I am actually very surprised they are at .500 at this point.

18.(↓6) New York Mets (49-43): K-Rod blew a save but stayed in the game to pick up the W. Could this year be different for Mets fans?

19.(─) Milwaukee Brewers (42-51): Milwaukee may have the most coveted asset in the trade market: Prince Fielder. 

20.(↓3) Philadelphia Phillies (48-43): When Roy Halladay gives up five-earned runs to the Cubs you know you’re in trouble.

21.(↑3) Chicago Cubs (42-51): See the Phillies. It hasn’t happened often. The Cubs have just 48 offensive points in the FPR (sixth worst).

22.(↓1) Detroit Tigers (49-42): If these standing are any indication, the Tigers will be the odd team out in the three-team race in the AL Central.

23.(↓1) Washington Nationals (40-52): At this point we are just waiting to see if the Nationals will trade Adam Dunn.

24.(↓1) Kansas City Royals (39-52): The Royals lead the league in average at .281. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end in K.C.

25.(↔) Arizona Diamondbacks (34-58): The D-Backs may be a team to watch, but only because they may impact the pennant race with a trade.

26.(↔) Seattle Mariners (36-56): The Mariners are looking to the future, and with the addition of Justin Smoak it is getting brighter.

27.(↔) Houston Astros (37-55): There isn’t one offensive player for the Astros who is an absolute must-start fantasy player.

28.(↑1) Cleveland Indians (38-54): See the Astros─ get Carlos Santana while/if you still can!

29.(↓1) Baltimore Orioles (29-62): This might as well be an exhibition year for the O’s and their fans.

30.(─) Pittsburgh Pirates (32-59): While there are some usable fantasy players on Pittsburgh, they certainly aren’t in the pitching staff.

Best Offense: (130) Texas Rangers

Best Pitching: (143) San Diego Padres

Worst Offense: (22) Houston Astros

Worst Pitching: (14) Baltimore Orioles

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  1. Max says:

    Assuming Jordan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg are the Nats top two pitchers, and let’s say Lannan got a dose of reality from the minors and performs well. Storen as the closer considering Capps will be gone. Assuming they don’t trade Dunn. They would have Dunn, Willingham, and Zimmerman along with Guzman and Desmond at the top. Can they make a run next year?

    Check out and leave some comments and tell me what you think of it.

  2. Zac says:

    Hey Max, if by “making a run next year” you mean a run at .500 come years end, then yes I could see them doing that. Unfortunately, considering their division I just don’t see them being able to make the playoffs for at least two more seasons. Strasburg will have to be doing something similar to what Jimenez is doing in Colorado this year, and lets face it, that doesn’t happen very often. With that said, they’re future does look bright.
    Thanks for your comment,

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