MLB Fantasy Power Rankings (May 10th)

Are the Blue Jays and Ricky Romero really this good? Maybe…

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can get in a given category. For instance if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category. The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI’s, Runs, Average, and SB’s. The 5 pitching categories used: Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

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1.(↑1) New York Yankees (21-8): The “Bronx Bombers” edge out the Rays this week by just three points (249 to 246) for the first place spot. Yankees fans have a lot to cheer about as their team is in the top 10 in every category with the exception of strike outs. Their doing this without Curtis Granderson in the lineup and with Javier Vazquez doing everything he can to ruin their ERA. Scary!

2.(↓1) Tampa Bay Rays (22-9): The Rays took a beating on offense today as Dallas Braden threw a perfect game against them. That was the second consecutive loss against the A’s for Tampa Bay, but they still have won six of their last ten. They lead the MLB in RBI (172), wins, and WHIP (1.15).

3. (↑4) Toronto Blue Jays (19-14): So much for the Blue Jays giving up and falling back with the Orioles in the AL East. The Jays have some serious talent. They came back from a two-run deficit today to beat the White Sox in the ninth inning and they lead the league with 50 homeruns (7 more than the White Sox). Ricky Romero gave up some runs today but he is a legitimate number one for the Jays.

4.(↔) Minnesota Twins (21-11): The Twins have a 3.5 game lead over the Tigers in the AL Central and have won seven of their last ten. The Twins scored a respectable 219 points in this week’s FPR while not leading in any category but scoring over 100 in both hitting (108) and pitching (111).

5.(↑1) St. Louis Cardinals (20-12): The Cardinals didn’t score in the bottom ten of any category while putting up 122 pitching points. They have the league’s best ERA but the question here is: can they produce enough runs? St. Louis isn’t exactly a fast team and with only a .259 team batting average, they need to improve upon their middle-of-the-pack .409 slugging percentage.

6.(↓3) San Diego Padres (19-12): The Padres look pretty good with having guys Chase Headley (.325, 20 runs, and 9 steals) helping Adrian Gonzalez. Their young pitching is looking sharp while holding a 2.73 ERA and 1.19 WHIP.

7.(↑2) San Francisco Giants (18-12): As I think we were all expecting, the Giants have taken over as the best pitching team. 136 total pitching points while scoring in the top 8 in every category will allow most teams to remain in the top 10. I see the Giants as real contenders this year, regardless of what their offense looks like.

8.(↑11) Philadelphia Phillies (19-12): The Phillies, as I predicted, move back into the top 10 this week while  being the biggest movers of the week. Shortstop Jimmy Rollins is continuing his rehab assignment and should be back fairly soon, while Jayson Werth is putting up career numbers (.349/7/26).

9.(↑6) Milwaukee Brewers (15-16): The Brewers are the only team below .500 in the top 10 and it’s not because of their pitching (63 points). Milwaukee is in the top four in Avg., RBI, and runs for a total of 127 batting points. If they can find a closer and another decent starter they could be contenders. But, they probably won’t!

10.(↑3) Texas Rangers (18-14): Elvis Andrus is a stolen base machine (13) which is why the Rangers scored the third most points in that category. Their most points however, came in saves. Good thing Ron Washington isn’t doing drugs this year and has Feliz as the closer or they may not have gotten 29 points with their 12 saves in 17 chances. Frank Francisco has three of those blown saves.

11.(↓6) Chicago Cubs (14-18): The Cubs scored in the top 10 in every offensive category except steals (99 of 150 offensive points). With that being said their pitching needs help. If it wasn’t for leading the league in strikeouts the Cubs would have fallen much more than six spots.

12.(↑4) Boston Red Sox (15-16): The good news is that the Royals surpassed the Sox, with the worst ERA in the AL. The bad news is that Boston still has a team ERA over 5.

13.(↓2) Colorado Rockies (15-16): The Rockies scored in the top half of the league in every offensive category this week. The loss of Jorge de la Rosa to the DL hurt the Rockies as far as pitching this week.

14.(↔) Arizona Diamondbacks (14-18): The D-Backs have some serious power numbers this year scoring in the top five in HR, RBI, and runs. They need to figure out what is wrong with Edwin Jackson in order to fix the pitching.

15.(↑5) Cincinnati Reds (16-15): The Reds have just one player (Joey Votto) batting over .270 this year, and yet they remain competitive. The sticks should come around soon for the Reds.

16.(↑2) New York Mets (17-14): The Mets are just 1.5 games back of the Phillies (with the Nationals) thanks to their pitching. If Mike Pelfrey (2.65 ERA) is still available in your league, I suggest you change that.

17.(↓9) Detroit Tigers (17-14): It is taking a career-best start from Miguel Cabrera to keep the Tigers in contention. Still they drop 9 spots this week after only receiving six points for homeruns.

18.(↓6) Los Angeles Dodgers (14-17): The Dodgers main problem is their bullpen looking at the stats. They have just three saves in nine chances.

19.(↓9) Florida Marlins (14-17): Florida has enough stars to pick up the slack of the no-names and remain in the top 20. However, they have won just three in their last 10.

20.(↓3) Oakland Athletics (17-15): A perfect game can’t even pick up the A’s batting enough to sniff the top ten. Oakland will need to win with near perfect pitching almost daily.

21.(↑1) Chicago White Sox (13-19): Closer Bobby Jenks looks like he has lost all confidence. If he is your closer you should do all you can to get Matt Thornton.

22.(↓1) Washington Nationals (17-14): Washington is still above .500 and look like they will remain pretty competitive this year. Strasburg should be called up in a few weeks.

23.(↑1) Los Angeles Angels (14-19): I can’t remember the last time the Angels rotations struggled this much. They are in the bottom six in both ERA and WHIP.

24.(↓1) Kansas City Royals (11-21): 39 total pitching points will keep you in the bottom ten of the FPR and in the MLB.

25.(↔) Seattle Mariners (12-19): Seattle might have the least amount of power in all of the MLB. If you take away the stolen base category they scored just six batting points.

26.(↑3) Pittsburgh Pirates (14-17): Pittsburgh is playing hard and to date is still above .500 at home. They are .500 over their last 10 games.

27.(↑1) Houston Astros (10-21): It looks like the Astros pitching is coming around (62 points) somewhat, their hitting however is not getting any better (19 points).

28.(↓2) Atlanta Braves (13-18): The Braves, my wildcard choice, have not been hitting the ball well scoring just 25 batting points. Chipper Jones may be done folks.

29.(↓2) Baltimore Orioles (9-23): The Orioles scored a whopping 37 total points in both hitting and pitching. There is no hope for the young Orioles this year.

30.(↔) Cleveland Indians (11-18): Yet again the Indians are at the bottom of these power rankings with just 60 total points.

Best Offense: (137) New York Yankees

Best Pitching: (136) San Francisco Giants

Worst Offense: (19) Houston Astros

Worst Pitching: (31) Cleveland Indians

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