2010 Fantasy Baseball Trade Rumors (July 28th)

What's in store for the slugger?

With the 2010 MLB trade deadline just a few days away, FBS takes a look at two of the most popular names currently on the market. While both players are very real possibilities to stay put, it’s equally as possible that both will be wearing new uniforms by the end of the week.

1.Adam Dunn, 1B, Washington Nationals

Dunn has been a very popular name involved in trade rumors as the MLB trade deadline nears. For those AL teams that are looking to add an impact bat at DH (Tigers, White Sox), the slugger is a particularly attractive option. While he’s never been much of a hitter in terms of average, Dunn is having an above average year in that department (by his standards) which adds to his trade value. The Nationals have wavered on whether or not the team wants to offer a contract extension to the big lefty, and if they don’t, it would be in the team’s best interest to trade him and get something in return, rather than let him depart at season’s end for nothing.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Nat’s are giving any team a deadline discount deal. If Washington doesn’t find a trade that they like, they may offer him arbitration at season’s end in the hopes of netting two draft picks from the team he signs with. In fact, the Nat’s have asked for two top prospects in any deal for the slugger, so that may make it more difficult to facilitate a trade between teams. Dunn would see a probable boost in fantasy value if he is traded to an AL team in contention as he will have an increased opportunity to drive in runs at a better rate while still hitting 40+ homers on the season.

Oswalt could certainly help a contender.

2.Roy Oswalt, SP, Houston Astros

Clearly the best pitcher left on the trade market, it seems that discussions between the Astros and rival teams have slowed recently regarding an Oswalt trade. Although Oswalt has repeatedly requested a trade, owner Drayton McLane appears hesitant to pull the trigger.

Another hurdle that complicates matters is that Oswalt wants his 2012 option guaranteed by the team that acquires his services. Oswalt’s value on the market is immensely decreased when teams see that they will be on the hook for $30+ million to the righty over the next two seasons.

While it’s known that the Phillies, Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers, Tigers, Twins, and Yankees have all expressed interest in the talented Astros ace at some point in the process, most of (if not all) the teams have pulled out of the bidding for the righty because of the hefty price tag attached and the lofty demands of Houston.

When the Dodgers inquired about Oswalt, GM Ned Colleti was told that it would take a package of players highlighted by current major leaguers James Loney or Matt Kemp. Unless Oswalt is willing to re-work his contract (which he appears to be open to) and/or the team lowers its demands, Roy will be pitching in the same uniform for the rest of the season. For his fantasy value, Oswalt would have added appeal should he be moved to a contender that could chalk a few more W’s on the board for him.

Both of these guys hold solid fantasy baseball value, and what happens in the immediate future could have a direct impact on your fantasy team. Stay tuned.

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