Fantazzle Fantasy Baseball 2012

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games is a daily and weekly fantasy sports gaming site that offers games played over a day, week, month, half-season and season: whatever you want, we’ve got.  Currently, offers games for fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy football, fantasy racing, fantasy college basketball, fantasy college football, and fantasy baseball.

Fantazzle offers fantasy baseball salary cap, challenge, pick’em and new for 2012, limited lineup games. To start the new season off right the daily fantasy sports site will be offering a special free fantasy baseball game in their season-long format. This game will award free prizes in Fantazzle’s member loyalty reward program, FanStock. Many writers here at Fantazzle routinely play games like this, giving you a chance to show your stuff against our staff. Warm up for the pay for play games by testing your strategies here, and once you feel ready, challenge the most devoted fantasy followers around in our high stakes fantasy baseball games that have prizes nearing $200!

Fantazzle also offers free fantasy baseball salary cap games on a daily and weekly basis. The fantasy baseball salary cap game allows you to put together a team of 1 catcher, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 third baseman, and 3 outfielders, while using a $1 million fantasy budget. It is often recommended that the best use of the fantasy budget is to find a good mix of superstar players and fantasy baseball sleepers. Who is the diamond in the rough that nobody is giving enough credit? What big name player is worth the price tag? Show off your skills here, as you compete against hundreds of fantasy fanatics like yourself.

While fantasy baseball salary cap has become very popular over the last few years, Fantazzle’s other formats are unique to the site and typically can’t be found elsewhere. Fantasy baseball challenge allows competitors to choose any players they want, as long as they are playing during the timeframe of the contest.  Similar to the challenge format, Fantazzle’s fantasy baseball pick’em and limited lineup contests are unique to the site. These one-of-a-kind games allow you to choose between predetermined matchups and groups. The pick’em format simply matches up two players that are playing on the same day while the limited lineup game breaks players down into groups, with the first group being the most coveted and succeeding groups will see a drop in the players’ production. The advantage to this game is the “rooting factor”. It can be a headache rooting for your players in a standard fantasy baseball league, and against just about every other player in the MLB. Here, it’s one on one, mono e mono.

All of Fantazzle’s games award cash prizes immediately following the last Major League Baseball game coming to an end during the game period. Study the stats, analyze the matchups and earn cash for making the best choices: a dream come true.  If you are looking for the most unique and diverse fantasy baseball gaming site (or any fantasy sport for that matter), is your spot.

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Fantazzle Fantasy Baseball

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