Fantasy Power Rankings (September 28th)

Maddon's cerebral approach has Tampa Bay on top.

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.

The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI, Runs, Average, and SB’s

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

1.(─) Tampa Bay Rays (93-62): The Rays need to get their batting average up. For the team scoring the most runs in the league, imagine how much damage they’d do with more runners on the bases.

2.(↑1) Texas Rangers (87-68): Josh Hamilton hopes to return to the lineup (broken ribs) within the week. It’d be absolutely huge for the Rangers if Hamilton gets back in a groove before the start of the playoffs.

3.(↓1) New York Yankees (93-63): After Mariano blew a save against the Red Sox the other night, the Yanks came back to win on a walk with the bases loaded, which clinched them at least a tie for a playoff spot.

4.(─) Philadelphia Phillies (93-63): As dangerous as the Philly lineup is, the pitching staff has outperformed the offense by almost 20 points on our power rankings chart. They need to get Chase Utley hot this week the postseason.

5.(─) Cincinnati Reds (87-69): The Reds are really lacking momentum en route to the playoffs, which could lead to a disappointing finish to their year, after such a strong showing all season.

6.(↑1) Boston Red Sox (86-69): It was a gut-wrenching loss to the Yankees last night. Four stolen bases and two runs in the ninth rattled  “Mo” enough to blow the save. You can’t lose a game (against the Yankees nonetheless) on a bases loaded walk.

7.(↑2) Chicago White Sox (83-72): Manager Ozzie Guillen announced that he will return to manage the White Sox in 2011.

8.(↑4) San Francisco Giants (88-68): The Giants overtook the Padres in both the division and in our power rankings for best overall pitching staff this week. Their final regular season face-off may very well determine the fate of these teams.

9.(↑1) San Diego Padres (87-68): See San Francisco Giants.

10.(↑1) Minnesota Twins (92-63): Talk about a balanced team… Minnesota has an equal number of offensive and pitching points (98) on our chart.

11.(↓5) Atlanta Braves (87-69): Over the past week, they have dropped five spots in our power rankings and may very well end up on the outside looking in on the playoffs this year. What looked like such a promising finale to the Bobby Cox era in Atlanta is set up for disaster.

12.(↓4) Colorado Rockies (83-72): Well, the Rockies claim they play best with their backs against the wall, and you can’t really argue with that. They had a cold week and they now cannot afford to blow any more games, so they’ll look to ride fantasy baseball studs Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki the rest of the way.

13.(─) Toronto Blue Jays (80-75): Bautista’s MLB-leading 52 homeruns have helped the Jays to produce nearly forty more taters than the next team (Red Sox).

14.(─) St. Louis Cardinals (80-75): If the Cardinals lose one more game, they will officially be out of playoff contention.

T-15.(─) Florida Marlins (77-78): The Florida Marlins are reportedly on Albert Pujols’ short list on teams he would accept a trade to if the Cardinals were to deal him.

T-15.(↑1) Oakland Athletics (77-78): Andrew Bailey has been a standout closer when called upon this season. In 47 appearances, he has 25 saves (28 opportunities) and a 1.47 ERA.

17.(─) Milwaukee Brewers (73-82): Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, and Casey McGehee all have 22+ round-trippers on the season.

18.(↑4) Detroit Tigers (80-75): Austin Jackson has had a standout rookie contest with 177 hits, 26 stolen bases, a .350 OBP, and a .298 average and looks like a fine fantasy baseball outfielder heading into next season.

19.(↓2) Los Angeles Dodgers (75-81): Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuroda, and Lilly all have 150+ strikeouts for the season. Their problem is the offense.

20.(↓1) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (75-80): Offense: 68 pts, Pitching: 72 pts. There is some talent on this squad, but they have under-produced all season.

21.(↓1) New York Mets (76-79): Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey has eleven wins and a 2.92 ERA making him the new staff ace and likely Opening Day 2011 starter for the Mets.

22.(↓1) Chicago Cubs (70-85): Offense: 60 pts, Pitching: 66 pts. See Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

23.(↑1) Washington Nationals (67-89): Adam Dunn has 37 homeruns- no wonder why so many MLB teams seek his bat for their lineup at the trade deadline each and every year.

24.(↓1) Houston Astros (74-82): Very respectable pitching staff, but an embarrassing showing from their offense all season.

25.(↑1) Arizona Diamondbacks (64-92): Reynolds, Young, Johnson, and LaRoche all have 24+ homeruns this season, but there’s not much else to talk about here.

26.(↓1) Kansas City Royals (63-92): ): What a year for Soria- 1.56 ERA, 41 saves (43 opportunities), and 69 strikeouts. The rest of the team? Not so good.

27.(─) Seattle Mariners (59-96): Well, at least they had Cliff Lee on the team for a little while.

28.(─) Baltimore Orioles (61-94): Nick Markakis and Adam Jones are the only players you would want in your fantasy baseball lineup.

29.(─) Cleveland Indians (65-91): Cleveland is not in the top half in any single category- offense or defense. Yikes.

30.(─) Pittsburgh Pirates (55-100): It’s another long season for the Pirates and their fans.

Best Offense: (130) New York Yankees

Best Pitching: (144) San Francisco Giants

Worst Offense: (24) Pittsburgh Pirates

Worst Pitching: (12) Pittsburgh Pirates

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