Fantasy Power Rankings (September 21st)

The Phillies have fought their way to 1st place in the NL East.

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.

The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI, Runs, Average, and SB’s

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

Fantasy Power Rankings Chart

1.(─) Tampa Bay Rays (89-59): Tampa Bay has stayed strong both at the plate and on the mound, which has kept them in a tight race with the Yanks atop the AL East.

2.(─) New York Yankees (90-59): Robinson Cano batted .520 this past week. A productive finish to the season out of their all-star 2nd baseman will give the Yanks a leg up on the Rays in their pennant race.

3.(─) Texas Rangers (83-65): A healthy Cliff Lee, a revitalized Vlad Guerrero, and Josh Hamilton batting .361 on the year should make the Rangers tough to beat down the stretch. Imagine if Nelson Cruz can keep himself on the field, as well? That’s one heck of an outfield.

4.(↑5) Philadelphia Phillies (89-61): Riding a seven-game win streak, the Phills look to edge out the Braves in their upcoming head-to-head series.

5.(↑3) Cincinnati Reds (84-66): With their magic number down to eight, the Reds are look to come out of the Central as a surprise division winner.

6.(↑1) Atlanta Braves (86-64): Over the past two months, the Braves have dropped 10 games in the standings. Their season may well be riding on their series against the Phills.

7.(↓1) Boston Red Sox (83-66): The Sox have come on strong, but it may well be too little too late. Victor Martinez has three home runs, nine RBI and is batting .296 over the past week (very strong numbers, especially from a catcher).

8.(↓3) Colorado Rockies (82-67): Over the past two weeks, (named NL player of the week twice in a row now), SS Troy Tulowitzki is batting .358 with 12 homeruns and 28 RBI. Not to mention Carlos Gonzalez is having one hell of a year, as well.

9.(↓4) Chicago White Sox (79-70): The Chi-Sox have fallen off as of late. There is still fantasy production stemming from their offense- Alex Rios has had an extremely strong year (.288, 21 HR, 86 RBI, 88 Runs, 33 SB) overall.

10.(↑2) San Diego Padres (83-66): Pitching is more important than offense. San Diego and San Fran are the epitome of this statement. Adrian Gonzalez is finally beginning to produce numbers he’s expected to.

11.(↓1) Minnesota Twins (89-60): More of the same from the Twins. Solid fantasy output, but nothing too flashy; they find a way to win their ballgames.

12.(↓1) San Francisco Giants (84-66): See San Diego Padres.

13.(↑1) Toronto Blue Jays (75-74): Bautista’s quest to a 50 HR season seems inevitable, as he is one away. It’s tough not to root for the fantasy baseball sleeper of the year.

14.(↑2) St. Louis Cardinals (77-71): Another phenomenal year at the plate from Pujols, only this time around it hasn’t translated into quite as many wins as it had in the past.

15.(↓2) Florida Marlins (73-75): Dan Uggla has been a very productive weekly fantasy baseball player as of late.

16.(↑1) Oakland Athletics (74-74): Average. Period.

T-17.(↑1) Milwaukee Brewers (69-79): All year, the Brew Crew have found a way to produce offensively. Their lack of pitching cost them too many games this season.

T-17.(↑4) Los Angeles Angels (73-76): Jumping four spots in the power rankings is impressive, but it’s still been a struggle all year for them.

19.(↓4) Los Angeles Dodgers (73-77): Such a disappointing season for the Dodgers.

20.(↓1) New York Mets (74-76): Johan Santana is out for the year, but Niese and Dickey have been very strong all year and are available in many leagues, so you may want to look into scooping them up if you’re short of pitchers.

21.(↑1) Chicago Cubs (68-81): The Cubs are playing better than they had been under Sweet Lou, but there still is not much production fantasy-wise.

22.(↓2) Detroit Tigers (75-74): See Milwaukee Brewers.

23.(─) Houston Astros (72-77): There are some value fantasy players available from Houston’s pitching staff that could help your fantasy squad out.

24.(─) Washington Nationals (62-87): Since the Strasburg injury, the Nats haven’t been quite as productive on the mound, as expected.

25.(─) Kansas City Royals (61-87): ): Billy Butler, David Dejesus, Wilson Betemit, Scott Podsednik, and Mike Aviles are all batting over .300 on the season.

26.(↑1) Arizona Diamondbacks (59-91): They have solid home run and RBI totals, but their pitching is absolutely abysmal.

27.(↓1) Seattle Mariners (57-92): Back below the “mendoza line” (100 points) of our power rankings chart.

28.() Baltimore Orioles (59-90): Adam Jones is putting together a very productive season and has come on even stronger as of late. He is available in 72% of standard fantasy baseball leagues.

29.(─) Cleveland Indians (62-87): Shin-Soo Choo has four home runs, eleven RBI, two stolen bases, and is batting .500 over his past seven games.

30.(─) Pittsburgh Pirates (51-98): Andrew McCutchen is among the only positives you can take from the pirates.

Best Offense: (133) New York Yankees

Best Pitching: (139) San Diego Padres

Worst Offense: (25) Pittsburgh Pirates

Worst Pitching: (12) Pittsburgh Pirates

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