Fantasy Closer Report (April. 28th)

Matt Capps has been sensational this season for the Nats.

By: Zac Fluewelling

Grade: A

Matt Capps (Nationals): 3-for-3 in save opportunities, Capps has been the best closer in the game! Possibly the biggest steal in all drafts, Capps added 9 strikeouts while not allowing a run. I am not sure if you should sell high at this point or keep the stud on your team: I’ll let you be the judge.

Matt Lindstrom (Astros): Lindstrom is finally getting some props, the almost forgotten Astro closer of the first week was a perfect 3-for-3 in save chances. Lindstrom gave up three hits and one walk while striking out two.

Francisco Rodriguez (Mets): K-Rod is finally making an impact this year. With almost a perfect week, Rodriguez struck out 5 while going perfect on all three save chances. He gave up just one hit in three appearances.

Grade: B

Jose Valverde (Tigers): It looks like Valverde has found his groove in the AL Central. The Tigers aggressive closer was 3-for-3 in save chances but only struck out one while giving up one walk and one hit.

Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox): A pretty easy week for Paps facing the Orioles and Blue Jays, but he did go perfect in save chances (3-for-3). He gave up one run to the Orioles but made up for it by striking out 5 last week.

Brian Wilson (Giants): Wilson will probably be an A most weeks with San Francisco’s rotation and lackluster lineup (makes for a lot of save opportunities). However, he only had two save chances and even though he made good on both, I can’t give him an A with only three K’s. Still, this is a solid week for the stud closer.

Ryan Franklin (Cardinals): Just another week for the Cardinals closer. 2-for-2 in save chances with only two K’s. Franklin gave up three hits while walking none. Rumors swirling that he will lose his job this year, but his 1.10 WHIP will make that difficult for Manager Tony LaRussa.

Grade: C

Chad Qualls (Diamondbacks): This was a tough grade to give; on one hand Qualls was perfect in save chances (3-for-3), and on the other he gave up four earned runs. Qualls added 5 strikeouts to his three saves, and did this against the Phillies (twice) and Rockies.

Francisco Cordero (Reds): Like Wilson (above) Cordero had a solid week but just didn’t get enough chances. 2-for-2 in save chances is good but two hits and three walks is not. He didn’t allow a run in three IP so he is still a good option.

Joakim Soria (Royals): Soria is still a great fantasy closer, unfortunately this just wasn’t a great week for most closers. Soria added two saves to his 2010 season while not blowing any, he did however give up a run and two hits in the save against the Twins. He has a 0.78 WHIP to date.

Jon Rauch (Twins): Again, not an awful week but only two save chances. Rauch made good on just one but only gave up one earned in four IP while striking out 6. Rauch is still a great option while closing for the Twins.

Grade: D

Brian Fuentes (Angels): After a stint on the DL, Fuentes was able to come back and record two saves. Unfortunately for his owners, he blew one save while holding a 6.75 ERA for the week and walked three.

Bobby Jenks (White Sox): Jenks has often been involved in trade rumors and after last week his value certainly did not go up. The Sox closer finished the week with a 9.00 ERA while giving up three hits and two walks with saving only one game. I wouldn’t recommend trading for him, unless of course you could swap someone like Frank Francisco. Jenks will be up and down all season.

Grade: F

David Aardsma (Mariners): Aardsma takes an emphatic fall from glory to disappointment. If you own Aardsma don’t be nervous just yet, as I said in last week’s Closer Report, we need to see how he reacts to blowing a save and giving up some runs. Seattle’s closer had an ERA of 16.20 while making good on only one save chance (1-for-2).

Neftali Feliz (Rangers): Rumor has it former closer Frank Francisco is not handing his job over just yet. It looks like Feliz has the job, but the Rangers will mix in Francisco in some save chances. Feliz was not good last week while he blew his only save chance he finished the week with a 7.20 ERA after giving up four earned in just five IP. This situation should be monitored if not altogether avoided.

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