Fantasy Baseball Top 5 Position Rankings (Jun. 20th)

Miguel Cabrera is a Triple Crown candidate.

Here at Fantasy Baseball Sportal we pride ourselves on giving our readers the information they need.  The Positional Power Rankings were gone for a little but now they are back!  Every week I will detail the top 5 players at each position.  Since it has been a while I will be adding the top fantasy performers for the entire season (not just for the week) in the first rankings.  As the season progresses you will get to see how the rankings change based on weekly performance or injury.  So without further ado, here they are:


1(-)  Victor Martinez, BOS:  This was a tough one because Martinez looks to have a toe injury that could hamper his progress.  Lately Marinez has been the best catcher hands down with a .407 AVG and 11 RBI this month.

2(-)  Miguel Olivo, COL:  Olivo would likely be the consensus #1 if he started more often.  Maybe his frequent breaks to give Chris Ianetta a chance to catch is what keeps him fresh though.  Olivo is solid in every category and even gives his owners a nice surprise when he steals a base.

3(-)  Joe Mauer, MIN:  The $100 million man is batting .307 on the season but his homerun tally (only 2) is what is a little surprising to owners after Mauer belted 28 last season.  When Mauer does find the long ball he will bring up the RBI average as well and there will be no argument who is the best catcher in fantasy baseball.

4(-)  John Buck, TOR: his average isn’t anything to write home about (.265) but his homeruns (12) and RBI (35) certainly are.  He can be very hit or miss at times but Buck is a great addition on any lineup.

5(-)  Jorge Posada, NYY:  June has been great for Posada, he has even had 3 homeruns in the past week.  Posada is riding a six game hitting streak and his hot streak doesn’t look to end anytime soon.

on the cusp: Mike Napoli, LAA; Rod Barajas, NYM; Brian McCann, ATL; Kurt Suzuki, OAK

First Baseman

1(-)  Miguel Cabrera, DET: Cabrera is hitting home runs like its going out of style.  He leads all of baseball in home runs and RBI and his average is a ridiculous .331.  There was no way he couldn’t be #1.

2(-)  Albert Pujols, STL: Pujols really does everything, but what separates him the rest is his consistency at the plate (.310 AVG) and the fact he even records the fourth most steals of any first baseman.  His homerun count is lower than expected, but he is still one of the top sluggers in the NL.

3(-)  Joey Votto, CIN: Votto has stayed healthy this season and is performing like the Reds believed he would when they drafted him in 2002.  He has been on fire at the plate over the last week as well hitting nearly .400 and adding 5 RBI.

4(-)  Kevin Youkilis, BOS:  No matter what position you set Youk at on your team it is a good decision.  Youkilis wasn’t anywhere near the top five at the end of April but has really turned it on over the past two months.  His June RBI and HR count are already higher than in all of April.

5(-)  Adrian Gonzalez, SD:  Statistically he is still one of the best at his position, but May was a bad month for Gonzalez.  He finished the month of May with a .252 average but has since brought it up to .302.  He has also knocked in six home runs this month so by the end of June we could see Gonzalez at the #1 spot.

on the cusp:  Ryan Howard, PHL; Justin Morneau, MIN; Paul Konerko, CWS; Adam Dunn, WAS; Martin Prado, ATL

Second Baseman

1(-)  Robinson Cano, NYY: The knock on Cano has always been that he is a second half star but stays quite in the first half of the season.  That is certainly not the case in 2010.  Cano could be the best player in a ll fantasy besides just second baseman.  Cano leads all second baseman in AVG, RBI, HR and runs scored.  In other words, he is the best at everything.

2(-)  Brandon Phillips, CIN: After and awful start of the season things have really turned around for Brandon Phillips.  Within the past week he has brought his season average up over .300 and has started to increase his RBI totals.  Phillips has been dealing with a hamstring issue as of late so we will see how that affects his ranking.

3(-) Martin Prado, ATL: Prado is almost on the rankings for just about every position but has found his way into the second baseman’s top five thanks to his .338 AVG.  He also seems to find a way to touch home base almost every game with his 49 runs scored.

4(-)  Dan Uggla, FLA:  There is nothing sexy about his average (.267) but he does know how hit the long ball.  Uggla is second to Cano in home runs by a second baseman and like Prado he also touches home pretty frequently.  Uggla critics say he is a first half player however, so if his average continues to dip Uggla owners should worry some. 

5(-)  Dustin Pedroia, BOS:  Pedroia had a down right awful May, which is why his average is at .275 when he should be above .300.  So far in June it appears that Pedroia has turned it around however.  He has 10 RBI so far this month and has even added 4 of his 6 steals all in June. 

on the cusp:  Casey McGehee, MIL; Ben Zobrist, TAM; Kelly Johnson, ARI; Chase Utley, PHL; Juan Uribe, SF;

Third Baseman

1(-) David Wright, NYM: Wright has been the best third baseman in baseball through June hitting .386 so far this month.  He is still building his average back up after a tough May but statistically he is still one of the best.

2(-)  Evan Longoria, TAM: His AVG is good (.309), his HR count is good (12), his RBI total is awesome (51) and he has recorded 10 steals.  He is a bonafide stud at his position and helps out his owners in every category.  So far he has been a little cold in the month of June but were not ready to bump him from his spot just yet.

3(-)  Adrian Beltre, BOS: Beltre has kind of gone unnoticed this season on such a loaded Red Sox lineup.  He can’t be ignored anymore however.  Beltre is a safe bet for at least one RBI almost every game and he is increasing his homerun frequency as well.

4(-) Kevin Youkilis, BOS: See First Baseman

5(-)  Scott Rolen, CIN:  Rolen has been building on his average since starting the season slowly, but is hitting .302 thanks to a good June.  He is becoming more consistent at the plate as the season goes along and if he can keep up his home run hitting prowess he could stay in the top five.

on the cusp:  Michael Young, TEX; Martin Prado, ATL; Jose Bautista, TOR; Troy Glaus, ATL; Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

 Short Stops

1(-)  Hanley Ramirez, FLA:  Hanley isn’t quite living up to his preseason expectations.  Not to say he isn’t one of the best at his position, but a .236 June hurts his stock. With that said, we all know who will finish as the best short stop at years end.

2(-)  Jose Reyes, NYM:  Reyes is having a hot June at the plate so far hitting .310 for the month.  Only Elvis Andrus has more stolen bases at the SS position and Reyes is actually increasing his base stealing frequency.

3(-)  Derek Jeter, NYY:  Jeter’s average has actually taken a large dip so far in June yet he has recorded 8 RBI and 3 HR (he had 13 and 1, respectively, in all of May).  On that loaded lineup he is sure to touch home on a regular basis.

4(-)  Juan Uribe, SF:  He plays a little of everything but will break the top five at short stop.  His 11 homers are good enough for second out of all short stops and no one at the position records more RBI either.

5(-)  Troy Tulowitzki, COL:  He really has been the best at his position all year, but a six week stint on the DL for a broken wrist knocks him to the fifth spot and likely out of the top ten for a while to come.

on the cusp:  Elvis Andrus, TEX; Alex Gonzalez, TOR; Stephen Drew, ARI; Rafael Furcal, LAD; Ryan Theriot, CHC


1(-)  Josh Hamilton, TEX:  Hamilton is on a 14-game hitting streak and is hitting .444 for June.  His 16 home runs give him a tie for fourth in all of baseball and only his Ranger teammate Vlad the Impaler has more RBI for an out fielder. 

2(-) Alex Rios, CWS:  Rios is making a case to be the next 30 for 30 on ESPN, and I’m not talking about the movies.  Rios could very well record 30 steals and 30 homers for the season if he keeps up his pace in both categories.

3(-)  Vladimir Guerrero, TEX:  Many thought Guerrero’s days of dominating the plate were gone but 2010 has been very good to the 35-year-old OF/DH man.  Vlad has been one of the most consistent hitters throughout the season and his 15 home runs aren’t too shabby either. 

4(-)  Andrew McCutchen, PIT:  He might be the only bright spot for the Pirates, and McCutchen could make the case to be the first Pirate to start and All-Star game in a long time.  He wont record a ton of RBI or runs playing for the Pirates but his average and stolen bases make him a great everyday starter.

5(-)  Ryan Braun, MIL:  Braun has been cooling down this month after a good stretch in May.  His homerun total is lower than expected for a regular 30 homerun guy also.  His solid average and runs scored help his owners out  a lot though.

 on the cusp:  Carl Crawford, TAM; Chris Young, ARI; Andre Ethier, LAD; Matt Kemp, LAD; Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

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