Fantasy Baseball Top 5 Position Rankings (Jul. 12th)

Longoria sits atop the third-base standings at the All-Star break.

It is officially break time for Major League Baseball as the All-Star game approaches. There always seems to be controversy involving the voting for who makes each leagues respective roster, so we are going to go with pure numbers. Below is the top five for each position for this week’s All-Star edition of the Positional Power Rankings.


1.Victor Martinez, BOS: Despite being on the DL for the past 11-days, Martinez has still had the most productive first half of any catcher. Finally, a Red Sox catcher who deserves to start the All-Star game.

2.Miguel Olivo, COL: Olivo would likely be the best catcher with no arguments if he didn’t share so much time with Chris Ianneta.

3.Joe Mauer, MIN: Mauer owners are still upset he only has four home runs in the first half of baseball. They should be more worried about his health.

4.Brian McCann, ATL: McCann needs to work on his plate discipline and bring up his rather low AVG (.267).

5.Buster Posey, SF: Since being called up Posey has really been making a name for himself. His current 9-game hit streak got him in to the top-5 for catchers.

First Baseman

1.Miguel Cabrera, DET: There is no question on this one. Cabrera leads   all first baseman in every important category.

2.Joey Votto, CIN: Can you believe he had to be a last second vote in? Votto has been hot all year, let alone in the last few weeks.

3.Albert Pujols, STL: You know there has been great play at first base this year when pujols is only #3.

4.Justin Morneau, MIN: Some were calling it an MVp caliber year for Morneau, who has the second best average of all the first baseman (.345).

5.Kevin Youkilis, BOS: Snubbed for the real All-Star game, Youk makes the cut here thanks to his 18 home runs.

Second Baseman

1.Robinson Cano, NYY: See Miguel Cabrera, only for second baseman.

2.Martin Prado, ATL: You can put him anywhere and he is still a good fit. Prado has been a great surprise for fantasy owners so far this season.

3.Brandon Phillips, CIN: Phillips is having his best year around the board with the exception of one statistical area, RBI, where he is projected to have the worst number of his career as a starting second baseman (60).

4.Dustin Pedroia, BOS: Pedroia would be much higher if it weren’t for his stint on the DL. He had a poor May but really turned it up all the way to his foot injury.

5.Dan Uggla, FLA: Uggla is flying under everyone’s radar this season as a fantasy stud. He could end up reaching 100 RBI for the first time in his career and again should be over 30 HR’s for the season. The best part about Uggla’s game is that he has increased his average to .285, the best of his career.

Third Baseman

1.Evan Longoria, TB: Longoria is putting up stellar numbers, as to be expected. It’s just an added bonus that Longoria already has 1 stolen bases, his previous season high was nine.

2.David Wright, NYM: Wright dropped off the radar after a very slow 2009, now that he almost has as many RBI in the first half of 2010 than in all of 2009.

3.Kevin Youkilis, BOS: See first baseman.

4.Michael Young, TEX: Young has been on fire for the last month just like the rest of his Rangers teammates. Young should knock in over 100 RBI for the first time since 2006.

5.Adrian Beltre, BOS: Moving to the Red Sox was the best thing to revitalize the 31-year-old’s career. Beltre’s .330 AVG has helped him reach 55 RBI in the first half of the season.

Short Stops

1.Hanley Ramirez, FLA: He still won’t get close to the stolen base numbers he had in 2006 and 2007, but Ramirez should knock in over 100 RBI again in 2010.

2.Jose Reyes, NYM: Reyes hasn’t been (seriously) injured all season! Knock on wood. Since he is back to regular playing time, Reyes is back to being one of the most productive short stops in the game. Side note: his AVG has dropped every year since 2006 and 2010 is no exception.

3.Rafael Furcal, LAD: Furcal hasn’t been (seriously) injured all season! Knock on… nevermind. Furcal is on pace to have his best statistical season for home runs and RBI.

4.Alex Gonzalez, TOR: His 17 home runs so far this season puts him near the top of the leader board, and the best for short stops. 

5.Derek Jeter, NYY: Jeter is having, well, another typical Jeter year: a good one. Jeter’s average is lower than usual, but I don’t think anyone is too worried about that just yet.


1.Josh Hamilton, TEX: Hamilton is on pace for 40 home runs and 120 RBI… need I say more? I do? Well his average is a whopping .346, so there you go.

2.Carl Crawford, TAM: Crawford has the second most steals for all outfielders, the most runs scored and is in the top five for batting average.

3.Vladimir Guerrero, TEX: His 75 RBI are the most of any outfielder and the second most in all of baseball.

4.Alex Rios, CWS: A slow finish to the first half has hurt Rios who has 15 home runs and 23 stolen bases.

5.Ryan Braun, MIL: Braun isn’t living up to his preseason rankings, but he should again reach 30 home runs, 100 RBI and perhaps over 20 stolen bases.

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