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Fantasy BaseballWelcome to Fantasy Baseball Sportal, where our writers work hard toward getting you (the fantasy owner) the best advice and tips you can find on a weekly basis.

At FBS, you will find weekly fantasy player rankings, as we showcase the top five players at each position for the week, and then go into greater depth on other players that should or shouldn’t be used for the given week.

You will also find some of the best, most personalized MLB Weekly Power Rankings, top fantasy baseball sleepers of the week, weekly waiver wire columns, and breaking injury and roster news.

We’re not ESPN, and we don’t pretend to be. We dig up the important information, get it out to you, and add the fantasy twist that you need in order to stay competitive in your fantasy leagues.

FBS is here to be a constant source of fantasy guidance, unique MLB and fantasy baseball articles, as well as an open outlet to the fantasy sports gaming world.

Just as fantasy baseball is a huge part of what we do, we want our expertise, thoughts, and opinions to aid fantasy baseball, and be a big part of helping fantasy owners have successful and enjoyable seasons.

In addition to offering weekly fantasy news and advice, FBS also promotes daily, weekly, and seasonal fantasy baseball games.

Fantasy Baseball Sportal also understands that fantasy users can’t do everything on their own, even when given a helping hand through expert advice, so we also cover website reviews and promote proper software and tools that can help you during your fantasy baseball season.

Come back to Fantasy Baseball Sportal daily and weekly for the latest news and tips throughout the 2010 fantasy baseball season.

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