Fantasy Baseball Sportal Announces Our All-Star Picks for AL and NL

2011 All Star Game

Fantasy Baseball Sportal announces our All-Star teams!

The All-Star Game is rapidly approaching, and with that comes all of the speculation involved. Who deserves to play first base for the stacked American League? Who will fill the outfield in the National League? While the All-Star game has long been criticized as a popularity contest, it remains a showcase of the best talent that Major League Baseball has to offer; a stage for the best Fantasy Baseball players in the world to compete in America’s pastime.

As a recent member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, we at Fantasy Baseball Sportal are casting our ballot for the 2011 All-Star game. Recent ballot updates show that not all of these players are going to start, but these are the guys that are most deserving, popular or not.

National League:

C: Brian McCann – ATL

With Posey out, last year’s All-Star game MVP McCann is the hands-down choice.

1B: Prince Fielder – MIL

May find himself in the DH role, but no one has been more productive Fantasy star than Fielder.

2B: Rickie Weeks – MIL

Shown more power than the Red’s Brandon Philips, but gap is close.

SS: Jose Reyes – NYM

Opposing pitchers cannot keep Reyes off the base paths, and neither will the AL.

3B: Chipper Jones – ATL

The vet has been surprisingly productive, and the NL’s elite third basemen have been hurt.

OF: Matt Kemp – LAD

Kemp should be a shoe in to start with the Fantasy Baseball year he is having.

OF: Ryan Braun – MIL

At .308/16 HRs/59 RBIs, there is not much more to say.

OF: Lance Berkman – STL

Struggling as of late, but his hot start should not be forgotten.


American League:

C: Alex Avila – DET

If you do not know about this guy, you should.

1B: Adrian Gonzalez – BOS

In a league stacked with All-Star first basemen, Gonzalez is clearly the best Fantasy Baseball player.

2B: Robinson Cano – NYY

While he is not having the season he did last year, he remains the best the AL has to offer.

SS: Asdrubal Cabrera – CLE

The shockingly-good Indians are led by their shockingly-good shortstop.

3B: Alex Rodriguez – NYY

No surprises here, as the AL should go with what works.

OF: Jose Bautista – TOR

While he is no longer crushing at his earlier pace, he still leads the league in homers.

OF: Curtis Granderson – NYY

As big of an impact in the Yankees lineup as anyone else, and that is saying something.

OF: Jhonny Peralta – DET

While overshadowed by Miguel Cabrera, Peralta has been crucial to the Tigers’ success.


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