Fantasy Baseball Power Rankings (October 4th)

Price and the Rays finished the regular season with the best record in the AL.

These rankings are based on a 300 point system, 150 for offensive production and 150 for pitching production. 30 points (1 point for each team) is the most points any team can receive in a given category. For instance, if the Rays lead the league in HR’s they will get 30 points for that category.

The 5 offensive categories used:

HR’s, RBI, Runs, Average, and SB’s

The 5 pitching categories used:

Wins, Saves, WHIP, ERA, and K’s

Fantasy Power Rankings Chart

1.(─) Tampa Bay Rays (96-66): The Rays beat out the Yankees for 1st place in the AL East and will face the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. We’ll see fantasy baseball studs Cliff Lee & David Price duke it out in game one.

2.(↑1) Texas Rangers (90-72): See Tampa Bay Rays.

T-3.(─) New York Yankees (95-67): Although the Yankees lost the division (and home field advantage) to the Rays, they may have lucked out in not having to face the potent Texas offense. Instead, they’ll take on the gritty Minnesota Twins in the first round.

T-3.(↑1) Philadelphia Phillies (97-65): Best record in all of baseball. Home field advantage throughout the duration of the playoffs. Watch out.

5.(─) Cincinnati Reds (91-71): The Reds have to take on the Phillies in Round 1, and while the Phillies are the clear-cut favorite to win, who knows? Cincy has surprised us all year long.

6.(↑1) Boston Red Sox (89-73): It was a year filled with injuries for the Red Sox, yet one look at the numbers and you have to be impressed. Terry Francona deserves serious consideration for the AL Manager of the Year.

7.(↑1) San Francisco Giants (92-70): With the best pitching staff in the majors, San Fran will be an extremely dangerous team entering the playoffs.

8.(↓1) Chicago White Sox (88-74): The White Sox managed to put up great numbers this year. They fell just a little bit short in the Central, but have plenty to look forward to in the 2011 campaign.

9.(─) San Diego Padres (90-72): Unfortunately for this Cinderella story, the season is 162 games long, not 161.

10.(↑1) Atlanta Braves (91-71): The Braves made it to the playoffs for Manager Bobby Cox’s retirement gift. Let’s see if they can make a magical run.

11.(↓1) Minnesota Twins (94-68): It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Twins take down the Yankees in the first round, but Morneau’s injury really hurts their chances.

12.( ─) Colorado Rockies (83-79): No late-season heroics this year, but a very bright future ahead for the Rox.

13.(─) Toronto Blue Jays (85-77): This team exceeded everyone’s expectations and could be even better in 2011.

14.(─) St. Louis Cardinals (86-76): No playoffs, but the Cardinals always seem to be in contention. Better luck next year.

15.(↑5) Los Angeles Dodgers (80-82): The Dodgers didn’t hit the way they would’ve liked, so what better way to fix the problem than promoting the hitting coach to manager?

16.(↑1) Milwaukee Brewers (77-85): The Brew Crew needs to look for some pitching this evening. If they find any, I would expect them to contend next season.

17.(↓2) Oakland Athletics (81-81): The A’s will always give you a good game, but that’s about it.

18.(↓1) Florida Marlins (80-83): It seems that this team gets to 80 wins no matter who takes the field. Outfielder Mike Stanton looks to be a perennial all-star.

19.(↑1) Los Angeles Angels (80-82): Despite a career year from Jered Weaver, injuries and inconsistencies doomed the Angels this season.

T-20.(↓2) Detroit Tigers (81-81): See Milwaukee Brewers.

T-20.(↑2) Chicago Cubs (75-87): The streak continues.

22.(↓2) New York Mets (79-83): Welcome back, Bobby V?

23.(↑3) Kansas City Royals (67-95): ): This is a team that always seems to be re-building.

24.(─) Houston Astros (76-86): This team hasn’t had a formidable offense since the killer B’s were dominating opposing pitchers.

25.(↓2) Washington Nationals (69-93): Well, at least this team has a promising farm system.

26.(─) Arizona Diamondbacks (65-97): That ’01 World Series feels like an eternity ago.

27.(─) Seattle Mariners (61-101): The offense just never showed up this season.

28.(─) Baltimore Orioles (66-96): Buck Showalter’s hiring is certain to continue to help this young team, but they need pitching.

29.(─) Cleveland Indians (69-95): It’s tough to stay competitive with a small payroll.

30.(─) Pittsburgh Pirates (57-105): Another losing season for the Pirates and their fans, but at least the ballpark is beautiful.

Best Offense: (132) New York Yankees

Best Pitching: (143) San Francisco Giants

Worst Offense: (24) Pittsburgh Pirates

Worst Pitching: (12) Pittsburgh Pirates

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