Fantasy Baseball 2012: Trade Deadline Analysis

When your seasonal fantasy baseball team is terrible at this point, you have either given up already and are not wasting time and money on transaction costs, or you think you still have a chance, but need a little more improvement. If you are the latter, the trade deadline is one of the last chances to get an impact player other than if a waiver trade is made in the next month. Hopefully, you still have a shot at winning this year. Here are some trades to look at….

COLORADO ROCKIES GET: Pitcher Jonathan Sanchez

KANSAS CITY ROYALS GET: Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie

This trade that was made on July 20th had some names involved, but that is about it. Both Jonathan Sanchez and Jeremy Guthrie were both having bad years already. Sanchez’s ERA is a Colorado-esque 8.32…and that is BEFORE he got to Colorado where it is probably going to get worse. He was a decent pitcher in friendly San Francisco, but he has not been the same this year in Kansas City, and he will not be in Colorado either. Jeremy Guthrie’s has an ERA of a lofty 6.68 himself. At least he can blame it on pitching in Colorado. He could be marginally better pitching for Kansas City and maybe a change of scenery does him so good. However, you can expect an ERA of around 5 and maybe 4 wins for the rest of the year when considering he is not pitching for a powerful team currently. If you are looking for a pitcher to save your team, continue to look and do not concern yourself with this trade. This trade was just bad pitchers that just changed a uniform, that is all.


DETROIT TIGERS GET: 2B Omar Infante, SP Anibal Sanchez

MIAMI MARLINS: SP Jacob Turner, C Rob Brantly, P Brain Flynn

Omar Infante traded at the deadline

Omar Infante, only a slight boost in value going to the Tigers

This trade does provide a little more interesting analysis. Omar Infante has been one of the more pleasant surprises this year on a team full of disappointments on the Miami Marlins. He has 8 homeruns, and 10 stolen bases to go along with a .280 batting average. He is not going to rescue a fantasy team or ever be an anchor of one, but he can provide decent numbers for a middle infielder. It is a little difficult to figure out how much his numbers will change in Detroit. I would assume he will score more runs and maybe have a few more RBIs then if he stayed with the Marlins for the simple fact that he is going to a better offensive team. However, the one drawback is that he will probably bat lower in the order then he would have on the Marlins, again because of the better offensive players. If you have him, just keep him and know that he will not lose his value. If you are playing in a weekly fantasy baseball league, you may try to acquire him in a trade, but I would not go after him too hard or overpay. His average may dip slightly because of not knowing the pitchers since he is moving from the National League to the American League. Anibal Sanchez could be more interesting. Because he is moving to a better team, his wins will increase more than they would have if he was still on the Marlins. Plus, the American League teams may take a little bit to adjust to him because of not seeing him this year. However, I believe his ERA and WHIP may slightly increase. He is not going to have the benefit of the automatic out in the National League by getting to pitch to the opposing pitcher. The offenses are generally a little better in the American League as well. At least he is in one of the lighter hitting divisions. Again, I recommend not making a drastic move for any of the players in this trade. Just stand pat unless you can make a good deal for one of them.

SEATTLE MARINERS GET: RP D.J. Mitchell, Danny Farquhar


Ichiro Suzuki, traded

Ichiro’s value is looking a bit better after going to the Bronx Bombers

After all the seasons spent in Seattle, Ichiro Suzuki, the face of the franchise, was traded to the Yankees. Ichiro was not having the best of years this year so far and many fantasy owners have soured on him. However, all the losing in Seattle may have taken its toll on Ichiro. Now, he is going to play for a winning team with a fantastic offense with the Yankees. He even benefits from that short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium. This is one of the few people that I would give up more now knowing he is on the Yankees than I would have if just trying to trade for him if he was on the Mariners. If he does well enough to take over the leadoff spot in the lineup, lookout. He probably will get to bat leadoff the few times Jeter is not playing from the start. He will score more runs, more RBIs and his average may improve as well from getting the adrenaline shot in the arm from playing for a winner. Ichiro can be very useful in weekly fantasy baseball leagues because of his speed. However, his numbers are only marginally going to improve. There is always a risk the Yankees will trade for someone later or a chance that Ichiro falls into a platoon roll if he does not do well from the start. He is a high risk, high reward player. I would value him more if I am in a fantasy league with bench spots available so I have a place to put him if he does not work out.


COLORADO ROCKIES GET: 2B Charlie Culberson

Josh Rutledge value increases

Josh Rutledge’s value is skyrocketing this season

Of all the trades mentioned in the article, this one will have the most change in player’s values. Marco Scutaro was having a decent breakout season. Scutaro was batting .277 with 49 runs scored to go along with a few homeruns and 30+ RBIs so far. He was a marginal middle infielder for the Colorado Rockies. This trade is terrible for Scutaro owners. He was traded to the Giants who, while they have a better team, have a worse offense. He will score fewer runs and he likely will bat worse as well. He is borderline waiver wire material at this moment. If you can get a decent trade for him, I would do it. I cannot see him being very useful from here on. Now, what is far more exciting, is Josh Rutledge of the Colorado Rockies. He was already picked up by several just as a fill in for Troy Tulowitzki. He is a tremendous talent, and now you do not have to worry when Tulowitzki is coming back as I am sure they will just move Rutledge to 2nd base if Tulowitzki does come back. Rutledge is batting over .375 and already has 4 HRs to go along with 12 RBIs. If he is somehow still available in your fantasy league, even daily fantasy baseball leagues, do not waste any more time and pick him up immediately. It does not matter if you are in a seasonal or weekly fantasy league. Just do it. If someone else has him, I would even try to offer a name to get him that is not as good. I would trade someone like Jimmy Rollins for him straight up. Rollins is a much bigger name, but he will not do more than Rutledge between now and the end of this season.

For those of you reading this article…thank you and I will have part 2 of trade analysis that happened soon….

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