Fantasy Baseball 2012: Players to trade for

Tim Lincecum

Off to a slow start, but this guy is a proven fantasy stud

There are owners in every fantasy baseball league that panic after the first couple weeks and look to move great players who are off to slow starts. You can usually get a great bargain on these players. A lot of these players have proven track records and are in their prime but just had a rough couple of weeks. Fantasy Baseball is a game of longevity since the season is 162 games. There is no reason to dump a proven fantasy producer when we are not even 20 games into the season.

 When you play fantasy baseball you have to be patient, every player goes through a slump throughout such a long season. Why would you trade Albert Pujols because he has struggled a little through the first 2 weeks when he averages 30 homers and 100 runs batted in every year. Players that are proven to produce every year should be given the benefit of doubt to produce unless you get wowed by an offer. You have your occasional Adam Dunn who just had a dreadful year last year, but for the most part when a player has produced year after year, then as long as he is healthy, he will produce.

 There are certain circumstances where it might be time to trade a player such as: he is getting up there in age and his production has slowly gone down over the last few years, this player had a breakout season last year but he is injury prone or you are in a keeper league and you can get a younger player with great potential for an older player that is at the end of his career. I am going to give you ideas of guys that might be available for trade in your league because of slow starts. You should really think about trading for these guys because one good move can put you over the top and win you a fantasy baseball championship.

Ben Zobrist(2B, OF, Tampa Bay) This guy is off to a slow start but has a track record of producing in lots of needed categories. He also offers the flexibility of being eligible at multiple positions.

Season Stats- .183 3 HR 10 RBI 1 SB

Last 3 seasons average- .267 19 HR 85 RBI 20 SB

Nick Markakis(OF, Baltimore) This guy has been a consistent fantasy player for years and his slow start should give you an opportunity to trade for him.

Season Stats- .244 2 HR 9 RBI 0 SB

Last 3 seasons average- .291 15 HR 78 RBI 8 SB

Shin-Soo-Choo(OF, Indians) This guy dealt with injuries last year but has been one of the best all-around fantasy baseball outfielders in the past.

Season Stats- .237 0 HR 9 RBI 3 SB

Last 3 seasons stats- .291 16 HR 71 RBI 18 SB

Carl Crawford(OF, Red Sox) This guy had a rough first season in Boston and he is injured right now but will produce when he comes back. The track record on this guy is too good for him to struggle for a second season.

Season Stats- Injured

Last 3 seasons average- .290 15 HR 71 RBI 52 SB

Tim Lincecum(SP, Giants) His velocity is down to start the year which isn’t uncommon for a starting pitcher early in the year. This guy has a track record of success so bank on him coming back to his self soon. He has been a fantasy baseball stud his whole career.

Season Stats- 2 W 2 L  9.79 ERA  29 SO 1.58 WHIP

Last 3 seasons average: 15 W 10 L 2.89 ERA 237 SO 1.18 WHIP

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