Closer Report (April. 15th)

Week one of the regular season showed why it is so important to have a solid closer. The Twins finished with a record of 5-2. In their five wins Jon Rauch finished the other team off four times. On the other hand, a team like the Houston Astros (0-6) shows us why it is important to take into account the team and not just the closer when looking for your saves guy.

Grade: A

Jon Rauch was perfect in save opportunities in the opening week of the season

Jon Rauch (Twins)-The Twins new closer leads the league with four saves after going perfect in week one.

Francisco Cordero (Reds)-Two saves one win and five strikeouts, can’t get a whole lot better than that.

Matt Capps (Nationals)-Seriously! Capps was perfect in save opportunities recording three, two against the Mets and one against the Phillies.

Mariano Rivera (Yankees)-Mo went two-for-two in both his save chances against the Red Sox while giving up no runs.

David Aardsma (Mariners)-Seattle’s closer showed the fantasy world in week one that his 09’ season was no fluke. He closed the door on both of his chances while adding four strikeouts.

Grade: B

Heath Bell (Padres)-Bell recorded two saves in only two chances during week one while striking out two batters.

Brian Wilson (Giants)-Wilson finished the week with two saves and recorded four strikeouts.

Carlos Marmol (Cubs)-Carlos looked good the first week striking out five batters in two saves against the Braves and Reds.

Grade: C

Jason Frasor and Kevin Gregg (Blue Jays)-The Blue Jay tandem is making it awfully difficult for management to decide who is going to be closing the door on games. Both pitchers saved two games in week one with Gregg being the more impressive one striking out five batters.

Ryan Franklin (Cardinals)-If it wasn’t for his awful appearance on opening day against the Reds, Franklin (two saves, one hit) would be in the B group. Look for him to get plenty of opportunities.

Franklin Morales (Rockies)-Houston Street’s sub did not record a strikeout but was able to make good on both of his save chances.

Leo Nunez (Marlins)-Nunez wasn’t exactly lights-out after the first week with four walks, however he did capitalize on two save chances and picked up a win.

Grade: D

Jonathon Papelbon (Red Sox)-The usually reliable Red Sox closer was all but that against the Yankees.  Papelbon gave up two earned runs and two walks to his teams rival but was able to finish the week with two saves.

Bobby Jenks (White Sox)-There weren’t many opportunities for Jenks in the first week but he was able to get one save and strikeout five.

Trvor Hoffman (Brewers)-The veteran didn’t have a good week by any standards. Hoffman blew two saves and gave up six earned runs. If it wasn’t for him picking up a win to go along with his two saves he would have received an F.

Joakim Soria (Royals)-Soria was close to recording two saves but then he faced Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera went deep that at-bat to give Soria and the Royals a loss, leaving Soria with only one save and an awful ERA for the week.

Grade: F

Mike Gonzalez (Orioles)-I thought Gonzalez would potentially be someone who could give you some good production for cheap. He tried his hardest to prove me wrong after blowing two saves and taking to L’s in week one. He gave up four earned runs and made good on only one of three save chances. Stay away for now!

Frank Francisco (Rangers)-Two blown saves, six earned runs, and seven hits in only two innings pitched= a new closer and young flame thrower Neftali Feliz gets the call. Trade Francisco A.S.A.P. or pickup Feliz as insurance.

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