Closer Report (September 22nd)

Wagner is looking to go out on top.

We could all use some fantasy baseball advice every once in a while, and the Closer Report is just the type of guidance many owners desire. More than just simple rankings, this report can help you on the fantasy baseball waiver wire.

This week offers not only the guys that should be penciled into your lineup on a weekly basis, but also a few guys floating in free agency that can help your squad. Make sure you check in regularly and stay on your toes to sustain your fantasy baseball success.


Carlos Marmol (Cubs): When he is good, Marmol is downright electric. It only took 2.2 innings for the Cubbies closer to pick up three saves while striking out four.

Matt Capps (Twins): Capps a pretty good week, picking up three saves in four innings. Only allowing two hits while striking out three, Capps got his first taste of winning with the Twins (AL Central Champs) after stints with Pittsburgh & Washington.

Billy Wagner (Braves): Despite only having two save opportunities, Wagner was able to strike out four. The flame throwing lefty converted on both of his chances and finished the week with a 0.00 WHIP.

Joakim Soria (Royals): Soria finds himself earning an A once again this week after he picked up another three saves in his 2.2 innings pitched. Along the way, Soria was able to add another three strikeouts while allowing just one hit.


Brad Lidge (Phillies): Lidge had a very good week as the Phillies have been dominating of late. Despite picking three more saves in his 3.1 innings pitched this week, Lidge didn’t possess the control that would garner an A-grade. Lidge walked three, allowed two hits, and gave up a run giving him a 2.00 ERA and 1.50 WHIP for the week.

Fernando Rodney (Angels): Rodney had some devastating stuff this week, striking out five batters in only three innings pitched. Despite picking up two saves for the out of contention Angels, he blew a big one against a tough Tampa Bay team.

Kevin Gregg (Blue Jays): Gregg was perfect in his three save opportunities this week, but only struck out one batter. He’s never going to be the sexiest of options but has excelled when most expected him to fail.

John Axford (Brewers): Axford struck out five batters this week in his three innings pitched, but that’s about it. Picking up just one save on the week isn’t going to cut it for the majority of his owners.


Rafael Soriano (Rays): A rather uneventful week for baseball’s most valuable closer this season, Soriano picked up just one save this week. Sometimes that’s what happens when you’re pitching for a team that typically wins in convincing fashion.

Axford's 'stache is the furthest thing from trash.

Francisco Cordero (Reds): Cordero was able to pick up three saves this week for his club, helping them increase their division lead over the slumping Cardinals. Despite helping his owners in the saves department, his bloated ERA & WHIP are a certain detriment to his value.

Joel Hanrahan (Pirates): Hanrahan couldn’t pick up a save in his three innings of work this past week, but did manage to snag a win, so it wasn’t a complete loss. In addition, he also struck out five batters, so Hanrahan owners have to be pleased despite the lack of save chances coming his way.


Koji Uehara (Orioles): Uehara would’ve been in line for a much better grade had he not suffered a meltdown at the hands of a potent Yankees offense. With six strikeouts in just 2.2 IP, it’s easy to see why the Orioles are using him in the closer’s role.


Drew Storen (Nationals): Storen ended the week with the second highest ERA of all closers (27.00). In addition, he pitched just 1.2 innings this week and has had a very tough time finding his niche thus far as a full-time closer.

Chris Sale (White Sox): Sale couldn’t pick up anything of worth for his owners this week. Unable to record a save and allowing a run in each inning he pitched is a surefire way to have owners dump him quickly.

Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox): How the mighty have fallen.. The Red Sox big money closer ended the week with the highest ERA of any closer (36.00) after allowing four runs in his sole inning this week… and that was against the Orioles

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