AL Power Rankings: Jose Bautista Climbs Back Into #1 Spot After Long Drought

Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista is back on track.

Jose Bautista is back, and blasting home runs once again. He has a big lead over the second-best home run hitter in the league, who is also mentioned in this list, and is a name that might surprise you. While Adrian Gonzalez has been knocked off of the #1 spot, that does not mean that the Red Sox are not well-represented in this week’s American League Power Rankings. These are the AL Power Rankings as of July 18th.

1) Jose Bautista – TOR (Previously: 4)

Jose Bautista was happy to see June go, and his bat has heated up with the weather in July. After hitting only 4 homers in June, Bautista has already hit 7 in July, to contribute to his Majors-leading 31 HRs total. He also leads the league in walks, slugging, and OPS, and is second in runs and batting average. Look for Bautista to keep blasting home runs.

2) Adrian Gonzalez – BOS (P: 1)

Adrian Gonzalez has hit a bit of a slide, hitting a humble .273 in July with only one homer and 7 RBIs. The Red Sox, however, have won all but 2 games in July, so they have not really needed his production, as they have had other teammates step up. The fact that the Sox can go on this kind of run while Gonzalez struggles shows how deep their offense is.

3) Paul Konerko – CHW (P: 2)

Everyone’s favorite All-Star snub (who eventually made the squad) is having an average July, slowing down a bit from his previous months. He has hit .292 this month, but has only left the yard once, a huge drop-off from his June total of 10 homers. Fantasy Baseball fans should not worry too much, however, as the average is still there.

4) Miguel Cabrera – DET (P: 3)

July has been an abysmal month for Miguel Cabrera. He is only 8-for-45 this month, an average of .178. However, 2 of this hits have shot over the fence, and he has fared a little better since the All-Star break. Time will tell if Cabrera is just going through a funk or if it is a more lasting slump, but Cabrera is a veteran professional, so fans should assume the former.

5) Curtis Granderson – NYY (P: 8)

With all of the buzz surrounding hitters like Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz, Mark Teixeira, and Alex Rodriguez, not many would come up with the name of the player who is second to Bautista in homers, but it is Curtis Granderson. While his average is not great, he can hit the ball out of the park any time, and drive in a significant amount of runs.

6) Jacoby Ellsbury – BOS (P: 7)

Now we get into the afore-mentioned depth in the Red Sox lineup. Jacoby Ellsbury does not have as much power as those surrounding him, but he can hit for an average better than most in the Sox lineup. Now hitting .315, he has shown occasional pop, knocking 13 homers this season, and driving in 52. Fantasy Baseball players should look for more of the same.

7) Kevin Youkilis – BOS (P: NR)

Kevin Youkilis’ numbers are very similar to those of Jacoby Ellsbury, but that average is lower at .285. Youkilis will probably hang around that number all year, and end up with about 20 homers, as has been the norm in his career. The Red Sox have a consistent player in Youkilis, something a lot of clubs would like on their own team.

8) Dustin Pedroia – BOS (P: NR)

Dustin Pedroia has numbers that fit right in between those of Jacoby Ellsbury and Kevin Youkilis. Hitting a little shy of .300, Pedroia has shown that he is a talented player over the past few seasons, and is contributing to the Red Sox’s success over the month of July, especially while Adrian Gonzalez has begun to slow down.

9) Asdrubal Cabrera – CLE (P: NR)

The highlight of the Indians is slowing down along with the team. Hitting just .250 in July, Cabrera’s running game is also slowing, with no stolen bases in the month either. However, he has still hit 4 homers to go with 12 RBIs in the month, so he has not become entirely unproductive. Cabrera remains a good Fantasy Baseball option at shortstop.

10) David Ortiz – BOS (P: 5)

Yes, another Red Sox player. David Ortiz has not been the usual anchor of the Red Sox lineup, but that is only because Adrian Gonzalez has taken that role so well. Ortiz is showing his power and ability to drive in runs, and should be a force as the season treads on. Fantasy Baseball players should avoid him this week, however, as he will be serving a 3-game suspension after an altercation with the Orioles.

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