2012 Fantasy Baseball | The Start of a New Season

2012 Fantasy Baseball | The Start of a New SeasonFriday the 13th marks the start of a new fantasy baseball season at Fantazzle Fantasy Sports, with Mid-Season Fantasy Baseball Salary Cap games scheduled to start at 7:05PM ET. The Fantazzle exclusive Mid-Season Fantasy Baseball Game combines elements of both weekly fantasy baseball and season-long fantasy baseball contests.

First off, users can choose a new lineup every week! This will surely help limit the “injury-factor” that can make or break your team in season-long games. More often than not it seems to do the latter. In addition to minimizing the effect of injuries, mid-season fantasy baseball allows for class and skill to prevail. After all, form is temporary, class is permanent. Now then, each user will be required to select 1 catcher, 1 first basemen, 1 second basemen, 1 third basemen, 1 shortstop and 3 outfielders to complete their 2012 fantasy baseball roster, while simultaneously staying under the fantasy salary cap of $1,000,000. Lastly, Fantazzle is offering three different buy-ins ($5.50, $55 and $110) for its mid-season fantasy baseball game.

Fantasy Baseball Games

Fantazzle offers free and pay-to-play fantasy baseball games, including salary cap fantasy baseball, limited lineup and pick’em formats, every day of the week! At the moment, the premier fantasy sports site is offering a $250 cash bonus for any player who picks a perfect fantasy baseball team in their one-of-a-kind Fantasy Baseball Pick’em Game courtesy of the Perfect Pick’em Promo.

Other Fantasy Games

Fantasy golf and fantasy racing games are currently available on a weekly basis at Fantazzle. Fantasy golf games are available every week there is a PGA Tour event, while fantasy racing contests are on hand for every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Fantasy Golf

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Fantazzle Fantasy Baseball

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