2011 Fantasy Baseball: What’s with all the inconsistency?

What's with all the inconsistency out here?

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in this wonderful game of fantasy baseball is that nothing is ever guaranteed.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing is ever guaranteed in any sport, but for some reason I just feel like in fantasy baseball, and even real-life baseball for that matter, nothing is ever, ever predictable.  For the 6 years that I’ve been playing fantasy baseball, the overall league stats by the half-way point in the season just never seem to play out the way that you would think they should.

For example, in my 16-team league, I’m currently matched up against the 15th place team and here I am losing to him going into Friday ball.  Yet looking at the overall team stats for the season, I’ve got him beat in almost every category by large margins.  I am the 2nd ranked team in that league, so theoretically, I should be crushing this guy, but I am not.  They say that the stats never lie, well in baseball they do!

The stats in baseball are very misleading.  Trust me, I am not new to this concept, but I’m just pointing it out to those of you who are.  Just because my team is hitting .294 on the season doesn’t mean that during this week of game play, I am going to hit .294 or around that figure.  This week my squad is hitting a miserable .220 so far and I guess I’m just having a bad week, but what the heck!  If we are going to be good, then be good, if we are going to suck, then suck, but don’t give me all this inconsistency non-sense by blowing up for huge numbers one week and then completely sucking the next.  What is it with this game?  The game of fantasy baseball is like a roller coaster ride and the winner is just whoever happens to finish at the top.

You can’t plan for it and you can’t expect anything.  You can’t get excited about your pitcher facing a statistically weak offense because then that’s when he goes out there and gets all tagged up for runs.  And you can’t be nervous about your pitcher facing a Yankee or Ranger lineup because then that’s when he goes out and spins a gem.  This isn’t fantasy baseball, this is fantasy craziness.  Nothing is for sure and no lead is ever safe.  Yes, every other sport is like that too, but more so for the game of baseball.

At least in fantasy basketball, if you have a guy who averages 20 and 10, you can almost bet that during his game that night he is going to get somewhere very close to 20 points and somewhere very close to 10 rebounds.  There is more consistency in the stats as a whole in fantasy basketball and that has been my experience, I don’t just say these things for my health.  Usually, in fantasy basketball, things happen the way that they should happen, much more often than in fantasy baseball.  Much less stressful if you ask me.  Usually, in fantasy basketball, if my names are better than your names, 9 out of 10 times, I will get the win.  Whereas in Fantasy baseball and even football, if my names are better than your names, the win is still up in the air for grabs—craziness I tell you.

Fantasy football can be quite the roller coaster ride.  There have been countless times where I’ve played a guy whose team looks like nothing compared to my juggernaut and then I go and get blown out like I was not match or something.  Sometimes these things just don’t make sense, but that’s just the world of sports for you.

Just consider this a vent session during a long MLB season.  Just like the players themselves, blowups in the dug-out happen all the time as tempers can easily flare throughout the season.  Players get frustrated and I’m learning that fantasy ballers do the same as well.  We are competitors as well.

An example:  You don’t know what I know, you don’t have the player knowledge that I have, the team you put together will not outlast the team that I put together, my decisions will be better than your decisions.  This is the mind of a competitive fantasy manager trying to win money, so when things don’t go your way, it can be very aggravating.

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