2011 Fantasy Baseball: Paul Konerko and Gaby Sanchez

Talk about draft day values

At 35 years of age, Can Paul Konerko actually win the AL MVP trophy?  He’s certainly been playing like he should win it.  Today, Konerko is batting .327 with 21 homers, 59 RBI and 39 runs.  We aren’t even at the All-Star break yet, so he definitely looks to be on pace for a 30-35+ home run year, again!  Talk about draft day value.  I snagged this guy in round 5 of my fantasy baseball draft.  Now I know round 5 might not seem like a big bargain round, but when your round 5 pick is putting up numbers like a round 1 pick player should be, he’s a bargain.

In fantasy drafts, Paul Konerko never seems to get the recognition he deserves and always seems to get snubbed in the pre-season rankings.  I can never understand why fantasy analysts always have him ranked down so low when he does nothing but produce at a high level.  Maybe they just keep on anticipating his age to finally catch up with him and force him to have a bad season, but it just never seems to happen huh?  Paul Konerko, stay hot my friend and continue to power me through my league!

Gaby Sanchez is another huge fantasy draft day bargain.  In my fantasy draft I took Gaby Sanchez in round 17 and couldn’t believe he was even still there and available.  I owned Gaby last year as I won the gold medal in my 14-team competitive league.  Last year, in 151 games and 572 at bats, he hit .273 with 19 home runs and 85 RBI, so I knew exactly what he was capable of.  He was a crucial cog to my offensive machine and was most definitely the steal of the draft this year in the 17th round.  The only reason I even let him fall that far into the draft is because I assumed he was gone and I already had three first basemen (Konerko, Fielder and Ryan Howard), so there was no need to search for another one, but hey, I’m not complaining.

It happens every year in fantasy sports, where a player gets picked very late in a draft, but then turns in one of the better overall seasons of anyone else in the league.  Sometimes, they just come from nowhere and that is what makes the difference between the good teams and bad teams in a league.  Everyone can take an obvious talent early in the draft, but what separates the winners from the losers, is the amount of talent found late in the drafts, that is how you win.

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