2011 Fantasy Baseball: All-Star Selection Process Out Here Grinding Our Gears!

Elmo playin' along with the Joke of Derek Jeter making this years' All-Star team!


Ok, first of all, Elmo is on this photo because Derek Jeter making this year’s All-Star team is a joke.  Somebody please answer this question for me.  At 37 years of age, coming fresh off the DL this past Monday with a bum right calf muscle, hitting .256 with only 2 home runs and 20 RBI, how the heck did Derek Jeter get voted into the 2011 All-Star game?  What kind of All-Star game is this where the more deserving players who are having real All-Star seasons keep on getting snubbed out of making the team?  I always thought the All-Star game was for those players who are having All-Star type seasons.  What’s going on out here?






Isn’t the reward for putting up huge first half numbers the recognition that comes with being voted on to the All-Star team?  If a player is having a stellar season, then he should be on the team, if he’s not, then he should not be on the team, simple as that.  I don’t care how many seasons you’ve played Jeter, you’re hitting .256 in 2011; therefore, you should not be on the 2011 All-Star team because in 2011, you are not playing like an All-Star.  Is that simple enough reasoning for you!  And by “you” I’m referring to whoever is having the final say in these All-Star selections.

I mean come on, how did Jeter make the team and Jhonny Peralta gets left off while hitting .314/14/49?  That doesn’t make sense.  14 homers, 49 ribbies, batting .314 at short in the American League and you’re not an All-Star?  No, no, no, that’s a snub in every sense of the word.  It’s a completely different story if the shortstop selected in front of him was doing much better, but that’s not the case.  The shortstop selected in front of Peralta is doing much worse this year, but gets rewarded with the All-Star nod instead because of past successes and high name recognition.  Welcome to baseball folks; you know they do say that baseball is a cruel sport, now I see why.

And let’s not even go there with Paul Konerko.  How on earth did this guy get let off the team hitting .319/21/62?  At least here, there is a legitimate reason besides past success and tenure like in Jeter’s case.  At least with Pauli’s snub situation the two guys that got voted in ahead of him were Adrian Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera who are at least having huge offensive seasons themselves and are also very deserving.  So you can’t really argue their selections.

I wouldn’t even mind not going to the All-Star game if having those two players in front of me was the case, but to not go because the guy ahead of me is named Derek Jeter and nothing else, should be quite frustrating, especially when he isn’t having an All-Star type season, which I thought was the point of the game.  In the end, however, we can’t be angry at Jeter.  He can’t help being selected on to the team.  He’s not the one making the final decision to place himself on the All-Star squad.  We have to be angry with the selection process and the overseers of this whole operation.  From the looks of things, that operation they got going on over there needs an overview and a complete re-haul after putting Jeter on that AL team instead of Jhonny Peralta.  Classic case of what in the world is going on out here?

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