2010 MLB Predictions

Mariano Rivera

Can Rivera help New York win it all again?

Everyone has their opinion on how each MLB team will fare, who will make the playoffs, and which team will inevitably win the 2010 World Series.

It’s that time of year where the first day of games for the 2010 season are quickly coming upon us, which means it’s time for some heart-felt, confident pre-season predictions.

Read on for a glance at every division, and a prediction on how the playoffs will play-out. The Yankees can’t win two world championships in back-to-back seasons, can they?

American League

AL East:

Yankees 100-62
Red Sox 95-67
Rays 88-74
Blue Jays 77-84
Orioles 70-92

AL Central:

Twins 84-79
Tigers 83-80
White Sox 75-87
Royals 68-94
Indians 65-97

AL West:

Angels 92-70
Mariners 88-74
Rangers 88-74
Athletics 77-85

Wild Card: Red Sox

National League

NL East:

Phillies 92-70
Braves 85-77
Marlins 83-79
Nationals 60-102

NL Central:

Cardinals 97-65
Brewers 90-72
Cubs 82-80
Reds 79-83
Astros 76-86
Pirates 69-93

NL West:

Dodgers 94-68
Rockies 91-71
Giants 88-74
Padres 81-81
Diamondbacks 72-90

Wild Card: Rockies

ALDS: Yankees over Twins in 3

ALDS: Angels over Sox in 5

NLDS: Phillies over Dodgers in 4

NLDS: Cardinals over Rockies in 4

ALCS: Yankees over Angels in 7

NLCS: Cardinals over Phillies in 6

World Series:

Yankees over Cardinals in 7.

2010 MLB Season Awards:

AL MVP: Mark Teixeira

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez

NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum

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