2010 Fantasy Baseball News (Dec 28th): Brandon Webb Signs With Rangers

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Webb could be a huge addition for the Rangers.

Before 2009, Brandon Webb was considered one of the most consistent pitchers and one of the first pitchers off the board. From 2006 to 2008 he had an era a little over 3 each year, averaging around 18 wins and 185 strikeouts.

The four innings pitched over the past two years and Webb is now an afterthought. However, he is an interesting prospect heading into 2011.He has signed a one year deal with the Texas Rangers and will be joining a very young and talented rotation of CJ Wilson, Tommy Hunter, Derek Holland and Colby Lewis.

Webb will be fighting for that 5th and final spot and if he is able to secure that heading into the fantasy baseball season Webb should definitely at least be worth a late round draft pick. Now drafting Webb you shouldn’t expect those types of numbers he put up a few years ago but I think realistically playing on the Rangers, who should provide some offensive support, he could have 12-15 wins, with an ERA probably closer to 4 and a decent amount of strikeouts. That wouldn’t be bad for a late round draft pick but definitely keep an eye on the situation heading through spring training.

Bobby Jenks signs with the Boston Red Soxs

Jonathon Papelbon, how is that seat feeling you are sitting on? A little warm? The Red Soxs have already come out and said that Papelbon will be the closer heading into 2011. However, in the bullpen will be Bobby Jenks, who as a closer with the White Soxs converted almost 90 percent of his saves over his six seasons, and if Papelbon gets off to a slow start Jenks will be next in line for the closer role. This is a situation that should be monitored closely.

Papelbon more than doubled his ERA and blown saves from 2009 to 2010 and was not in dominant form like in years past. Bobby Jenks also did not have a very stellar 2010 finishing 8th in the AL in saves but had some injury issues throughout the season. Every year the closer position is a volatile one that sees a number of different relievers step into the role and this is a situation that should be monitored as Jenks would have the potential to a be a top closer being on the Red Soxs given the opportunity.

Hideki Matsui signs with the Oakland A’s

Many thought, myself included, that Hideki Matsui’s fantasy value was going to stay in NY when he left the Yankees but he actually had some relevance last year playing for the Angels. He finished the season with a .274 average, 21 HRs and 84 RBIs, which were pretty similar to his numbers in NY in 2009.

Now that he is a member of the Oakland A’s he has too many things working against him to have any value for this coming season. First, is his home field, the Coliseum, which is considered a pitcher’s park. Matsui’s power numbers have dropped over the years and now that he will be playing in the Coliseum for half his games, they will continue to drop. Second, is his age, as he will be 37 in June this season and two of the past five years he has missed substantial time due to injury. Last, is the lack of position flexibility with Matsui.

Last season he played only 18 games at LF, so depending on your league settings Matsui will only have a DH eligibility, which means he can only play in the utility spot and you can find a number of better options for your utility spot than Matsui.

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