2010 All-Star ‘Snubs’ (Jul. 12th)

Marmol has a K/9 of 17.09 this season.

Despite having the best pitching throughout the season, the San Diego Padres won’t send a single pitcher to the All-Star game this season.  Joey Votto had to be voted in as the last All-Star despite his unbelievable first half of baseball. The All-Star selection for 2010 is just another example of how All-Star voting has a fan base and east coast bias. You can’t just say why someone was snubbed and not point out a spot on the roster where they could have fit.  So here is a list of All-Star Snubs, and how they could have fit in this year’s lineup.

National League

Carlos Marmol, CHC, RP

Marmol has shown flashes of dominance before in his career, but this year he has exceeded all expectations. Marmol currently has a K/9 rate of 17.04. To explain just how sick that really is, the last time anyone came close to that rate at the end of the year was Eric Gagne, and he won the CY Young Award. 

The NL pitching staff is deep so it would have been hard to find a spot for Marmol.  His main competition would have been Evan Meek, Brian Wilson and Arthur Rhodes.  Marmol should be replacing Matt Capps in the NL All-Star game.  Sure, Capps has the most saves in baseball at 23, but his 3.26 ERA and 49 hits over 38.2 innings are a little worrisome.  Imagine pitting him up against the best hitters in the AL now.  This could actually be the ruin of Capps’ 2010.  Marmol has far more walks, I will admit to that, but his 28 fewer hits in to more innings is all I need to say.  In fact, if Marmol were to replace Capps in the All-Star game then the token one Nationals player to make it would have been…

Ryan Zimmerman, WAS, 3B

Zimmerman is arguably the best third baseman in the entire National League.  That is a tough argument against David Wright, especially this season.  Zimmerman lost out to Scott Rolen who is having a good year but isn’t as good of a defensive third baseman as Zimmerman is.  When you look at the statistics they are very close.  Rolen has one more homerun and ten more RBI but the same AVG.  If you want a god defensive third baseman there is none better than Zimmerman.  Manager Charlie Manual chose Omar Infante as his fielding choice because of his versatility but the defensive prowess and hitting ability of Zimmerman would have been a better choice here.  If Infante is swapped with Zimmerman, there would be a new opening for a very deserving Colorado Rockie….

Miguel Olivo, COL, C

Olivo has been the best catcher in baseball.  He has a pretty high strikeout count but Olivo is third of all catchers in homeruns and first in RBI. Not to mention his .317 AVG is the best at his position, while the two catchers on the roster have terrible averages.  Napoli is pushing to have the worst AVG for a starter in the All-Star game since 1993.

other notable snubs:  Roy Oswalt, HOU, SP; Mat Latos, COL, SP; Casey McGehee, MIL, UTL; Rafael Furcal, LAD, SS; Rod Barajas, NYM, C

American League

Kevin Youkilis, BOS, 1B/3B

Usually there is a Boston player on the All-Star team that has had a subpar year but makes it because of the fan base.  This year with the new voting, however, Youk will miss the cut.  I’m not too sure why either.  It could be the players vote that kept Youk out off the team, since they probably don’t want to be in the dugout when he has a meltdown.  His stats don’t lie though, as Youkilis has had himself a fantastic 2010.  Wigginton was added to the list because of his versatility in the field.  Youkilis can play just about every spot on the field too, and considering he is hitting with an average that is 40 points higher and Youk has hit 18 homeruns on the season.

Michael Young, TEX, 3B

You’ve got to feel bad for Young, who has had a very strong year for the Rangers.  Young lost out to Nick Swisher on the fan vote for the final roster spot.  It is no real surprise that a Yankee would win that, but the fact that Young is better in every statistical category (minus home runs, 14 for Swisher, 12 for Young) should have been enough.  Young is a better playing defense on the infield than Swisher is in the outfield too.  If anything Swisher should be in the DH spot and David Ortiz should be at home. 

Alex Rios, CWS, OF

Rios is my pick for the newest 30-for-30 (HR and steals). Rios has slowed down a bit near the end with his home run count, but when the White Sox were struggling in the beginning of the season, Rios was the only bright spot.  I’m also not saying that Rios should have been a starter on the AL All-Star team, but Ichiro Suzuki was clearly only a fan pick.  Not that Ichiro has had a poor season, it just wasn’t worthy of an All-Star game this year, sorry.

other notable snubs:  Paul Konerko, CWS, 1B; Brennan Boesch, DET, OF; Andy Pettitte, NYY, SP; Felix Hernandez, SEA, SP

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