Daily Baseball Games

Fantasy baseball fans are always looking to find more games to play. Multiple fantasy websites have started to offer short-term duration games, including daily fantasy baseball games to please the fantasy fanatics. A 162-game baseball season even tires out some fantasy players who play in traditional draft leagues. Injuries and underperforming lineups might have decimated your draft. Short-term duration games are a great alternative to your traditional leagues.

In most daily games, like the Daily Fantasy Baseball Challenge that Fantazzle Fantasy Sports offers, you select a basic 9-person lineup (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OFs), some games will also let you choose a utility player. The team at the end of the day who has accumulated the best stats and most points will win the prize.

Daily games give fantasy players more opportunities to play fantasy baseball and to win prizes. Fantazzle offers entry fee and free money games to its players and even reward free entries a cash prize.

The big name fantasy game companies have also started to develop daily games. ESPN offers a daily challenge that is similar to the game structure described above. Major League Baseball offers a non-traditional fantasy baseball game with Beat the Streak which has a 3 million dollar prize attached to it if a player can successfully choose 57 batters in a row that will get a hit.

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