Betting on who will come top of the MLB National League West division this season

The MLB is made up of teams from the American and National Leagues, but for much of the season, these leagues are both divided by region into East, West and Central divisions. In recent years the West division of the National League has proven to be particularly strong – with the winners of this division going on to claim the overall National League pennant in three out of the last six seasons. What this means is that, those betting on the winners of the National League West may opt to combine this with a bet on the same team to win the League.

The team that has proven to be most successful in the National League West over the past few seasons has been the San Francisco Giants, and unsurprisingly, they are rated amongst the favourites to win it again this year with odds of+160 – especially as they also went on to claim the World Series. They have not changed their line-up much, which could be considered either a good or bad thing, given how formidable they were last season. However it is the changes to another team – the LA Dodgers – which see them rated odds-on favourites above the Giants for the NL West this season. The Dodgers have invested heavily to secure success, and with odds of +100, the sportsbooks believe they will do so.

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