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Top 5 Overlooked/Undervalued Fantasy Baseball Pitchers

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Carlos Silva has rejuvenated his career in Chicago this year.

Deep Within the Bullpen…

When it comes to Fantasy Baseball, finding quality pitchers can make you feel like giving up fantasy baseball all together.  Usually the route I go is one all-star SP(starting pitcher) anchoring my starters and that goes the same for closers.  However if you’re in a head-to-head league or leagues that do not count the ‘maximum innings pitched’ rule then you really have no limit on starting pitchers and also the limit of closers you have.  I would recommend you have around three to four closers in your staff to keep up in the standings.  It’s always very easy to find a starter out there who can get you some quality innings or a closer if you need some saves.  Here are some guys to consider right now that overlooked and undervalued:

1. Carlos Silva – SP- Chicago Cubs