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Website Review: Fighting Chance Fantasy

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Fantasy Baseball

FCF is an elite fantasy provider. is a very useful fantasy site for any fantasy sports fanatic who can’t get enough. The site has everything from a “Prospect Watch” column to podcasts giving the most up to the minute news. FCF currently holds a league and will be holding a variety of games in the future for its members

For the time being the Fighting Chance Fantasy team is specializing in baseball and football. Since baseball season is upon us you can find articles such as “Rounding the Bases,” which gives daily insight on previous matchups. (more…)

2010 Fantasy Baseball: Fantasy Rankings

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Sportal prides itself on presenting the fantasy player with updated, personal advice and information, and that desire to fulfill your fantasy needs stretches to both the players, as well as the teams.

The “Fantasy Rankings” section will cover a weekly MLB Power Rankings piece, which will rank each MLB team based on their latest success or woes, wins and losses, and level of play, while also adding a fantasy twist.

This section will also carry a fantasy player ranking article every week that showcases the top five projected fantasy baseball performers for the week for each position, followed by analysis on other players that could have an impact over the course of the week, but aren’t necessarily recognized, otherwise.