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2012 Fantasy Baseball | Buy or Sell These Injured Stars

Friday, April 13th, 2012
Carl Crawford

When will Carl Crawford return from off-season surgery on his injured left wrist?

It seems the first question asked when a star player hits the disabled list is not, “how bad was the injury?” but rather “how long will he be out of my lineup?”.  Yes you can blame fantasy baseball owners for this, after all we have daily and weekly fantasy baseball games to play, we need to know! Thanks to the endless amount of information you can find on the internet, especially social media giants like Twitter, it’s easier than ever to get breaking news reports about your players.  While MLB teams usually have a good idea how long a player may be on the shelf, they may not necessarily disclose that information to the public.  This leaves owners scrambling for scraps of info to help with their lineup decisions,  but ultimately the plan on how you should act going forward comes down to a gut call.  (more…)

2012 Fantasy Baseball: Don’t Buy the Hype

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Alex Gordon

Will Alex Gordon duplicate his breakout 2011 season? Don't bet on it.

A few days ago I wrote about some “sleepers” to target for the upcoming 2012 fantasy baseball season, guys going later in drafts who could outperform their preseason predictions.  On the contrary, there are players being taken in the early rounds of drafts in fantasy baseball games everywhere, who are destined to disappoint their owners.  To clarify, I do not consider these guys as bad players, nor do I think they can’t have decent years.  I’m saying that I don’t like what you have to pay to get them, the price is too high for the return you can realistically expect from them.

Over-hyped players can find themselves in such a group for several reasons.  The main thing I look for when assessing whether a player is getting too much love in drafts is body of work,  has this guy shown consistent skills for a number of years or is he just a flash in the pan?  (more…)