All-Star Balloting Special Edition: Power Rankings for AL Snubs

Paul Konerko

Paul Konerko was left off of the AL All-Star roster.

With the announcement of the National League and American League All-Star rosters, there is always going to be speculation of who should have gotten in, and who should have stayed out. Voters did a better job this year on who should be playing in the game, with a few exceptions. The National League roster looks more “deserving” than the American League, but both lineups look solid. Here are the top 10 snubs for the American League, including hitters and pitchers.

1) Paul Konerko – CHW

The guy who has received all the publicity for being left out of the big game has received that press for good reason. Paul Konerko is a potential MVP-candidate, but the AL is too stacked with slugging first basemen. Adrian Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera made it in ahead of Konerko, but if the American League wants to win the game, adding Konerko would be a good way to get there.

2) Jhonny Peralta – DET

Derek Jeter has to make the All-Star game, right? The famed Yankee needs to lead the team out there, no matter what, right? The American League butchered their voting for shortstops. Asdrubal Cabrera deservingly made the backup role, but the most productive Fantasy Baseball shortstop in the American League is sitting this game out. Peralta is hitting .314 with 14 homers and 49 RBIs.

3) Alex Gordon – KC

Alex Gordon became the victim of the theory that a poor team only deserves one All-Star. The truth is, Gordon has been productive all season for the Royals, with an average floating around .300 and showing some pop. Gordon was overlooked in the always-competitive outfield positions, and will probably be overlooked in the Final Vote.

4) Victor Martinez – DET

This is another case where the Yankee fans out there screwed up, and almost botched the catcher position altogether. Alex Avila was able to rally late with voters, leaving Russell Martin on the bench. But he should not even be there, as Victor Martinez is hitting well for the Tigers, and deserved the nod over the Yankee’s Martin.

5) CC Sabathia – NYY

It is hard to believe that a Yankee could get the short end in the voting process, but Sabathia did not make the squad. While the fans had nothing to do with this choice, or else he surely would have made it, the players should have recognized the 11-game winner and honored him with an All-Star spot. He is expected to pitch on June 10th anyway, and would have been unavailable for the game.

6) Michael Pineda – SEA

It is hard to understand why Pineda was skipped by the player’s vote and the manager’s selections. He is a pitcher with an ERA of 2.58, and an exciting rookie sensation. This guy seemed like a shoe-in for a nod to the game, but was overlooked. Hopefully he will jump in as a replacement so that he can be noticed on a national stage.

7) Adam Jones – BAL

The struggling O’s are not struggling on offense, and a big reason is the play of Adam Jones. The voters wore out all of their AL East picks on the Yankees and Red Sox, so there was not room for Jones on the team. While he still has a shot in the Final Vote, the outlook looks grim for those hoping to see Jones represent the Orioles.

8) Elvis Andrus – TEX

The American League wanted to showcase what they are known for: power. So, naturally, there was no spot for a guy who can get on base and swipe a few bags in the process. Andrus is on pace for almost 50 steals this Fantasy Baseball season, a number that is becoming a little more rare every year. Add him to the list of shortstops shortchanged by the Jeter selection.

9) Dan Haren – LAA

Haren has posted a sub-3 ERA and has a pretty good record to go along with it, but has been overshadowed by his teammate Jered Weaver. There are a handful of pitchers that fall into Haren’s category, and all deserved a little more consideration to join the American League club. He could find his way on the team if another pitcher drops out.

10) Ben Zobrist – TB

I think that voters made the right decision in starting the Yank’s Robinson Cano, but Zobrist has also played well for the Rays, and deserved more consideration. While his average is not anything special, he has produced for the Rays, tallying 40 RBIs as a second baseman. He and Dustin Pedroia have a beef with the voters.


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