AL Power Rankings: As August Heats Up, So Does the AL East

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez and the Red Sox have a lot to celebrate about.

Adrian Gonzalez is trailed by a slew of Yankees and Red Sox, fittingly, as those two teams compete for the top spot in the AL East. The best players come through when their team needs them the most, and the best bats in the American League are proving themselves in tight pennant races. There are some big numbers showing up recently as the season winds down. Here are the American League Power Rankings as of August 3rd.

1) Adrian Gonzalez – BOS (Last Week: 1)

Adrian Gonzalez’s RBI total now sits at 90, which means he will almost definitely be the first player in baseball to cross over the 100 RBI mark, with much of the season left to play. However, he has failed to record an RBI in his first 3 games in August, which would not be troubling for anyone but Adrian Gonzalez. He is still hitting though, and the RBIs will come.

2) Jose Bautista – TOR (LW: 2)

In only two games in August, Bautista is already left the yard once, although it is his only hit. That said, he is probably disappointed to see July end, a month that saw him hit .316 with 7 homers and 19 RBIs. Hopefully, having already homered this month, Fantasy Baseball owners can look forward to another MVP caliber month from Bautista.

3) Jacoby Ellsbury – BOS (LW: 4)

Ellsbury and many of his Red Sox peers keep climbing up this list. Jacoby Ellsbury is another player that did not want to see an end to the month of July, because he hit an astounding .382 with 8 home runs and 22 RBIs over that span. With production like that, it is no wonder the Red Sox frequently score double-digit runs.

4) Miguel Cabrera – DET (LW: 3)

Miguel Cabrera was ready to see the end of July, and is off to a hot start in August. After hitting only .250 in July, Cabrera has started this month by notching 4 hits in his first two games, including two doubles. Fantasy Baseball owners should look for Cabrera to break out in August if the Tigers are to make noise in the AL Central.

5) Curtis Granderson – NYY (LW: 7)

Curtis Granderson is quickly becoming one of the most feared players in the league. Now hitting nearly .280, Granderson is lurking behind the league-leader, Adrian Gonzalez, in runs batted in. Along with his impressive 28 home runs, Granderson now has 84 RBIs for the Yankees, a total that will only go up if his hot start to August continues.

6) Dustin Pedroia – BOS (LW: 5)

Another Red Sox player? While Pedroia is not putting up quite the numbers that Gonzalez and Ellsbury are producing, he remains a big piece of their offense. His 15 home runs and 57 RBIs pale in comparison to the numbers of Gonzo and Ellsbury, but any other team would be ecstatic to have a player with numbers like that.

7) Paul Konerko – CHW (LW: 6)

After battling through a tough July, Konerko now finds himself hurting. After he suffered a calf injury, Konerko has been out of the White Sox lineup all three games in August. He should return soon, but Fantasy Baseball owners should be wary that his injury could hamper his already declining numbers. Keep an eye on Konerko.

8) Mark Teixeira – NYY (LW: 10)

Teixiera is also climbing up RBI leader Adrian Gonzalez’s back, with 85 of his own. Mark Teixeira is also creeping up on the home run lead, trailing Jose Bautista’s total of 32 by just one. Teixeira has not had a very high batting average all season long, but with the production he is able to put out, his low average can be forgiven.

9) Michael Young – TEX (LW: 8)

It is hard to believe that Michael Young is almost quietly hitting .334 for the season. Fresh off of a July that saw him hit an astounding .390, Michael Young is a clear favorite to win the batting title, and may snuff out any hope of a Triple Crown winner in the American League. Young has been hitting all year, and his RBI total is starting to reflect that.

10) Robinson Cano – NYY (LW: NR)

After a very good July, and a hot start to August, Robinson Cano’s average is flirting with the .300 mark. Cano has hovered around that mark all season long, and his numbers reflect that, with home run totals in the teens and an RBI mark in the mid-70s. Cano is a big piece of the Yankees offense, and will need to stay hot if the Yankees are to make a run at the division.

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